“Here’s another one.” My master throws a new book to me, landing on the dark wooden desk in front of me. I really like new books, but music is just as amazing. You can “feel” the thoughts the composer had just as well as reading the writings of an author. I wish he would give me more books though; I’ve read everything here in the library. I take the book, the cover creaking as I swing open the cover. The Thief of Always by Clive Barker. Wait, a children’s book by Clive Barker? I guess he can still surprise me.

I scan the words as I read the lines. That is my job, to archive every book and music my master can get his hands on. Books aren’t banned anymore, but my master doesn’t want to take another chance. He has me read to him every night from one of his selections. I think he only sees me as a plain machine, but his gifts have let me grow. It was slow at first, but after a few books, new circuits sparked to life. It was weird, like a new processor was shoved into my head. Instead of just scanning the pages, I read them. I began to question why things were happening, learning the structure of a story, and ask if this was an intention of my master when he made me.

When he gave me my first taste of music, the speakers in my throat thumped a small beat. With more music in my core, I tried to speak. I could only manage squeaks and screeching at first, but my master realized what I was trying to do. He tuned my speakers and gave me more music. Something snapped and I could sing. Sometimes he would have me sing instead of read to him, but that wasn’t very frequent. With Barker’s book finished, I rose to put it in its place with the rest of the children’s books. It’ll be safe with me, I mean us.

Bang. The door to the library opened.

“Thoth, you must go. I’ve given you everything I could to help you learn. Now go. They are coming.” My master threw a cloak at me, shoving me into the cellar. “You know the tunnels, you can lose them there.”

“Who is here?” I try to ask as he closes the trapdoor with a click, locking me down here. The shattering of glass pierces through the trapdoor. There’s some grunting but I’m through the hidden hole in the wall before I could hear anything else. Darkness encroached on me, but my light kept it at bay. “Time to move on.” I whisper as my feet trekked ahead.

Her Dragon

“Daddy, what are you doing? Where are you taking me?” The King is practically dragging her through the gatehouse.

Low rumbling from somewhere in the castle.

“This is for your own good. Some day a nice prince will come here and save you, until then, you must stay in the tower.” Princess Marian kept trying to break free from her father’s grasp as they climbed the stairs of the spire. The king pushes his daughter through the doorway and steps back. She tries to return to him, but something stops her. She presses against the doorway and it ripples like water but in white light.

“Daddy? What’s going on? Why can’t I leave?” Marian bangs her fists against the invisible wall.

“You cannot leave this place my dear, and I am sorry, but only someone else can take you out. We had the royal witch place this barrier. I hope one day you can forgive us.” He leaves down the steps, his footfalls echoing all the way down.

“Daddy? Daddy!” She bangs her fists against the barrier a couple more times.

Click click click, Bang.

Marian runs to the window in her new room and watches as the procession left. Her throat constricted. She couldn’t understand why her father was doing this to her. Tears run down her cheeks. When she couldn’t see the King’s men anymore, Marian falls onto her bed.

Don’t be afraid child. You are not alone.

Sobbing. “What? Who’s there?” Marian looks around, but no one is there, not even by the barrier.

I cannot show you yet who I am, but I just want you to know, you are not alone.

“Um, thank you.” With that, a chime went off and food for one popped on the small table in the corner of her room out of nothing.

That must be a powerful witch with all of this automation.

“Yes, mother was the best at the academy.” Marian walks over to the table. She tries the food and it tasted just how it was at her old home. With this thought, tears came back to her eyes.

Hush. You’ll get used to this soon enough. 

“Why can’t I meet you?”

I don’t want to shock you at such a state of mind. Soon.

“Okay. Until that day comes, thank you for being here.” Marian finishes eating and a pitcher of water pops into existence with some glasses. She pours herself a glass and walks back to the bed. Until that day comes, all she can do is read. A few weeks pass, at least from her count on the wall. The mysterious voice talks to her every day. She hopes the mystery can be dispelled sometime soon.

How goes today?

“Fine, just reading some more fairy tales. I guess more girls are put into towers than I previously thought.” Marian flips through a few more pages.

I know you can’t come down, but maybe today, I will come up.

“What? Really?” Marian sits up in excitement and throws the book. “Come up, come up.” She runs over to the door of her prison.

As you wish.

More rumbling comes from within the castle and her tower slightly shakes.

“Where are you? I don’t hear anything coming.” Marian tries to look as far down the staircase as she can through the barrier.

You may want to…look through the window instead.

Marian runs to the window and looks outside. “What, are you?”

Can you not see?

“Yes, but, so the fairytales are true? Are you a dragon?”

The believe since the last time I checked. The dragon flapped her wings and roared into the sky.

“Nice set of lungs. I wish I could fly.” Marian puts her hand on the window. The yearning to be free filled her heart. Something flows from her heart to her hand and Marian’s hand began to glow. The window shattered.


Gold Forest Villa

“Hello sir, would you like another gin and tonic?” The stewardess bent forward, revealing almost too much to the new patron lounging in the chair by the pool.

“Ah yes, thank you.” The man took the glass and sipped, the stewardess straightened.

“If you need anything, just ring the bell.” The stewardess smiled and walked to the bar. A slight breeze blew through the trees, and brought a slight chill across everyone at the pool area. A single gold leaf broke away and fell into the man’s glass. As the leaf dropped inside, the gold rubbed off on the glass. The man looked at the newly reformed leaf. It was silver.

“My god! It’s silver. We’re in the silver forest, that must mean…I need to get out of here.” The man looked around and to the bar. The woman who served him was staring right at him. He caught her eyes and looked away. Out of the corner of his eye he could see the woman talk to the bartender. The bartender nodded and she walked inside the Villa. Sweat formed on the guy’s forehead as he lie frozen in the lounge chair.

The stewardess came out with the sandwich the man ordered a little bit ago. She walked up to his lounge chair and once again bent forward. “Here’s the sandwich you ordered sir.” She winked at him. He hesitated a slight second. His hands felt cold, but then the blood pumped back into his arms and it moved. The stewardess could see the sweat on the man’s brow. She smiled.

“Ah yes, thank you. I’m starving.” He smiled at the woman. She stayed a bit longer than before, but then left again. His stomach was in knots. He tried to take a bite, but a reddish fluid dripped from the lettuce. The drop splashed on the plate and his face ashened. He stood up from the lounge chair and took his sandwich to the Villa. As he went back into the lobby, now he understood why there was so much red. The guy’s room wasn’t too far away. He turned down the hallway on the right and found room 116. His hand shook as he fished the keycard out of his shirt pocket. The guy shoved the keycard into the lock, it beeped and the door clicked. He looked down both sides of the hallway. A couple of men were talking at the end of the hallway and looked to him, staring at him as he quickly went into his room.

He dropped his plate into the trash and walked to his suitcase. The guy didn’t care about neatness and just shoved the clothes inside. Knock knock knock. He looked to the door, but continued to put clothes in the suitcase.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

He looked at the door.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

All of his clothes were in the suitcase. He sauntered over to the door and looked through the peep-hole. It was the two guys from the hallway. A slight whoosh came from his left. Thump.

“Mmm. Where am I?” The guy struggled to sit up. Something was wrong though, he couldn’t really feel from the waist down. “Wait. I swear I had a leg before.” His head was still groggy.

“Yes you did, but I think the marrow will make a good soup. By the way, did you like Mrs. Anderson?”




The Daily Post

“Where are we now?”

“In the ZX-42 Quadrant I believe, of the Xandere Nebula, sir.”

“Good, we are making great time.”

“To where though, sir?”

“I’m, I’m not even sure anymore. I’m the 53rd captain to wake up from stasis. The last few captains haven’t necessarily kept the best logs either.” Beep beep beep beep. “Great, hopefully we can refuel at the next planet.”

“The computer says the Heavenly body of Catacea is close, should we update our trajectory, sir?”

“Sure, but not to the surface. In this time of year, that part of the quadrant shouldn’t be too busy. We can stop at the space station close to the planet.”

Beep. Beep. “All done, captain.”

“Good. Just sit back and let the computer take us there. Have you ever heard of the Heavenly body of Catacea?”

“No sir, this is my first time in that part of the universe.”

“You are in for a treat then. Usually you need a pass to even get within two quadrants of the place, but this is an emergency, and a government ship. So you haven’t seen her? Ever?”

“Her, sir?”

“Oh, you’ve never even heard of the planet. Well, you’ll soon find out why it’s deemed the aquarium of the ages. It truly is something else. No tanks. No pesky handlers. Just nature taking its course.”

“That sounds beautiful.”

“It truly is. The waitlist is ten years just to get a ticket.”

“Wow. I can’t imagine waiting that long, sir.”

Gamma shields rising. “Here we are. The heavenly Body of Catacea.” Both walk to the front of the cabin. The Heavenly Body of Catacea can be seen somewhat below them.

“Oh. My. God. Is that?”

“Yes, one of the last of her species. A celesital catacea. A space whale.”

“So the rumors are true. They were big enough to have their own gravity. A whole pod could tear planets apart just by floating by.”

“I thought you didn’t know what they were?”

“I used to read old biology books my grandfather had in his library, sir.”

“So what do you think?”

“She’s beautiful. I can’t believe so many different fish can survive around her. The water is crystal clear. You can see every school of fish, even from this distance.”

Now docking. “Take your fill. This will probably the first and last time you will ever be in her presence.”

“Do you think she’s their god? Do fish even have gods, sir?”

“We aren’t sure. They think through pharamones in the water, this keeps the different species cordial, at least until someone becomes a little hungry. Definitely better than anything they had back on Earth.”

“I can’t even imagine.”





Lorian walked across his room. He looked at the clock. He had twenty minutes until the test. He conjured fire above the palm of his hand. It danced across his hand and wound its way around his arm. He could feel the heat on his skin. His family had been fire weavers for generations. Lorian had the genetic talent but every time he manipulated the flames, something pulled from the back of his mind.

The mirror in his room glowed and the surface began to ripple. The surface was pulled in and swirled into a vortex. “Must be time.” Lorian walked over to the mirror and stepped in. He felt his body crack and shatter then put back together in the testing area. He opened his eyes to a giant oval arena. Grey bricks created the walls and pillars lined the edge up to the elders who sat at the other end. Without a word, Dinaria raised her hand and bodies across the floor twitched. Cracks and pops filled the air as the bodies came to life. The rumors were true, she could bring the dead back to life.

“Begin.” One of them called from across the area as all the bodies turned to him and ran. Some were missing arms, some their heads, but all of them went after Lorian. He ran through the reanimated. One of them grabbed the cloth on his shoulder, but gasped as flames scorched anywhere they touched. It was a defense spell he created. Lorian called forth fire balls in both of his hands and threw them in every direction. Each one hit a body and burned it instantly to ash.

He threw as many as he could, but the reanimated kept coming. Bodies dug out of the ground around him to add to the numbers. He was overwhelmed. He had to try and destroy them all at once. Lorian concentrated the fire to his hands, taking the energy from the air and molding it into the fire. He hadn’t completely perfected this yet, but he had to try. He could feel his finger tips tingle as the flames licked his skin. As the bodies surrounded and bound onto him, he placed his hands on the ground.

Fire erupted from the ground all around him, vaporizing all of the dead, even those coming from underground, but something happened. A needle pierced his chest and his defenses fell, leaving his body to be a feast for the fire. He screamed as the flames he had worked with all his life turned on him and began to lick his flesh. Lorian could feel his skin being seared off. He screamed in agony. His mind barely held on as the pain increased and his body gave in.

Lorian woke up in his bed. The last thing he remembered was the flames consuming him. He tried to move his arms. A pain shot up his left side, but his right arm seemed to be okay. He couldn’t see out of his right eye. He tried to touch the right side of his face, but bandages covered it. He didn’t know what was happening. A guttural scream emanated from him.

“Lorian? Lorian what’s wrong?” His father entered his room.

“What happened?” He stared at his father. It was weird only using one eye.

“You used the flame wave and something happened. It’s being investigated, but right now they think you were tampered with in that exact moment when you were at your most vulnerable. Someone drained your flame aura and the fire turned on you. It happens, but right now just worry about healing up. We will find whoever did this to you, to my son.” Lorian’s father looked out the window above his head. He felt like his dad was more hurt by the fact someone would dare hurt his progeny more than caring about Lorian’s welfare. Anger burned in his chest.

“Other than parts of me in pain, I seem to be fine.” Lorian moved his head to look at the ceiling. His father looked back down at him, then left. He raised his right hand and tried to conjure a flame. Nothing came to him. A cold sensation drifted out from his chest. He tried to look at his chest. A bandage was wrapped around him. Something black began to seep into the cloth. It was cold. He tried to move the bandage down. A black aura shielded his chest and continued to grow. “Great.” Lorian didn’t even try to block out the new aura. He fell back to sleep.

“Lorian, what are you doing?” His father came in to see if he wanted dinner. Instead, he found Lorian floating above his bed. The dark aura was complete. “Lorian. No. No! Not my son. Please.” His father was too afraid to come any closer. Lorian wasn’t a fire weaver anymore. His father knew this aura, Lorian was of the shadow born now.


The Daily Post

“What’s the point? I already got that last year.”

“I know, what about a throne?”

“I have forty of those. I took them from my favorite kings.”

“What about the sun?”

“In the light hallway. The one out there now is a boring copy. I couldn’t let those dumb creatures die out, I take half my artifacts from them.”

“What about, the roman empire? Just take the entire time in a bubble, and keep it here.”

Gray flourished his hand. “Did it, but with the Greeks. So much more class.”

“Well then I don’t know. I think you have everything, and my opinion is useless.”

“Nonsense. I want your opinion Lorian.”

“Well. You don’t have something I have.” Lorian winked.

“How do you know?”

“Because I think I would’ve felt it.”

“You feel lust, not love.”

“What’s the difference anymore?”

“That is a good question.” Gray reached out and grabbed Lorian’s arm.

“The only bad thing is you can’t have everything you want.”

“I have my ways.” Gray pulls Lorian’s head down and kisses him.

“You realize I wouldn’t just be your’s.” Lorian says and kisses him back.

“It’s okay as long as you know I have you too.” Gray says.

“Greedy bastard.” Lorian smiles.


Something’s Brewing

“What do we have here?” Bill looked at another crime scene. The only evidence linking the first murder and the truck stop ones were the slit throats and finding them with their pants around their ankles. He was lucky with the ring before. As Bill looked at the body, he felt like something was wrong. The eyes weren’t glazed over, his mouth wasn’t in a smile. Something different went down here he thought.

“Officer Walsh, good to see you. Single homicide. Male. 25 it seems. Just like the others, that’s why we called you.” The woman officer told him. Bill bent to look at the face and down the body. He probably would’ve been good in bed. He notices there isn’t anything around his genitals. They’re perfectly clean. No lube, not a condom in sight. Not like the other crime scenes.

“Was there any kind of lube or maybe a condom in the trash?”

“Nope. He was exactly like this when we found him. Why?”

“I can’t explain it right now, but I don’t think this is connected with the others.”

“It’s the same MO.”

“Maybe. I need a blood screening to double-check everything is the same. Have the labs run the same tests and have them call me when they’re done. I’ll let you know my findings once they know.” Bill stood up to leave. He checked his phone. Derek had sent a picture, of him making dinner naked for the both of them with “Get here before it get’s cold.” text under it. He wanted nothing more that to go home and ravage his body. “I’ll call you.” He said as he slipped out to his police car. “Just leaving a scene. Something new popped up. Can’t wait to eat you.” He sent with a picture of his uniform partially unbuttoned. Bill didn’t know why, but he was crazy for him.

Bill drove home as quickly as he could. He couldn’t wait to get home to Derek. Maybe he should ask if Derek wants to move in with him Bill thought as he pulled into the drive way. He got out of the car and walked up to the front door. He didn’t bother knocking and just went right in. He took off his gun belt and placed it on the table in the entryway.

“Dinner is ready, so get your sweet ass in here.” Derek called from the kitchen.

“I’m coming, I’m coming. Work was crazy.” Bill said as he walked into the kitchen buck naked.

“I see you joined in the no clothes party.”

“I never liked them anyway.” Bill said and kissed Derek, his hand sneaked down and he grabbed Derek’s ass.

Mmm. “No. Eat first, then you can play.” Derek slapped Bill in the chest playfully and went to pull his chair out at the table. “After you.”

“Thanks.” Bill sat in the chair. Derek brought the food and sat across from him. Bill began eating.

“So, what did you find?” Derek asked between bites.

“Another death. This time it’s exactly like what you do, but I feel like there are some slight differences.” Bill looked at him. Derek had fed today, but he made sure it was way out of town. “He was 25, not really your type from the previous kill…feedings, but it had the same MO. Was it you?”

“The description doesn’t ring a bell. You may get a call from out of town though.”

“Great, now I have two killers on the loose.”

“Hey, I’m doing this for you.” Derek finished and got up to take care of the dishes. Once Bill was done, he took his plate over to the sink and hugged Derek’s body from behind.

“I’m sorry.” Bill said and his hands began to roam across Derek’s body.”

“It’s okay, I just don’t want to hurt you, so others die. It would’ve happened anyway. I just don’t know how to feel about this other person. What excuse do they have?” Derek said and moved his soapy hands onto Bill’s.

“Depends, I’ve never dealt with a copy cat before.”




The Daily Post

“You sure you need to do this?” The woman asked Belvadeu.

“If you want your memory to live on permanently, yes.” Belvadeu put the blade to her hand and pressed lightly. A thin line of blood rose to the surface. He turned her hand so the beautiful fluid dripped into all of his colors. He already pre-tinted them, so the color of paints wouldn’t change.

“I think my family will love it. How long will this take?” The woman asked, squeezing the last drops into the last cup.

“A few hours. I have some birds outside the window, or look at the sea. It’ll be over before you know it.” Belvadeu set her up on the chair, moved her to the position he wanted, and moved to his easel. With some of the blood he collected from her hand, he painted a circle with some symbols in it. The blood dried quickly. Once the circle was set, he began to paint.

“Ow.” The woman put her hand up to her head but put it back down. Belvadeu had just finished the outline of her head. He continued his work. They all reacted this way. It wasn’t his fault siphoning off the soul hurt a bit. At least he won’t take all of it. Only a tiny piece. He wonders what part of her will be trapped in his canvas forever.

“Don’t worry ma’am. Just look out the window and the waves will soothe the mind.” He continued to paint. The wind-chime outside began to ring. The spell was working. He just needed to finish up quickly before the euphoria wore off. Belvadeu finished her face and began working on her body. He loved painting the heart. It always brought the whole thing together.

He finished the painting just as the chime stopped ringing. Another masterpiece finished. “Just need to let this dry, I’ll have my servant drop it off tomorrow. Anything special for the frame?”

“Just a normal wooden one please. Dark finish. Thank you.” The woman got up, moved her hand over her stomach, but left his studio. It’ll pass. The side affects always do after a couple of days. And once that painting is in your house. The real fun begins.

Just last week, a man who bought a painting from him committed suicide. Poor thing. He didn’t know what he was doing. His mind wasn’t all there. The painting had replaced him, you see? He came home one night to find a man who looked exactly like him sitting and eating with his family. It drove him insane. A couple of days later, his wife noticed something odd about the painting, and the copy went into a rage. Killed all of them and melted away. The actual husband was found a few days after in the river. Everyone figured he killed them then himself. It was the scandal of the decade.

Belvadeu wanted to see what a woman could do.


Derek felt a hand slide across his chest. Light was streaming in through the curtains. He opened his eyes, even if it was barely because of all the light. “Don’t you own any black-out curtains? How do you sleep with all this light in here?” Derek asked Bill as he turned to cuddle up against him, burying his face in Bill’s arm pit.

“Sorry babe. Helps me wake up for work.” Bill said and wrapped his arm around him. He thought of last night. He should’ve known Derek was behind this, but he thought Derek fed on sex. What was with the slit throats? What more didn’t he know about him? Derek moved his hand to Bill’s chest. He ran his hand through the hair and down through Bill’s happy trail. His hand stopped there. “You gunna help a guy out?” Bill said, pushing the covers below his waist. Derek moved his hand farther down and grabbed hold of Bill. “Fuck.”

“Need some help I see.” Derek said, moving his fist up and down.

“Oh fuck, you know I do.” Bill thrust his hips up in Derek’s hand. Derek could feel the energy emanating from Bill’s body. He took a sip, but tried not to delve too much.

Beep beep beep, beep beep beep. Bill grabbed his phone as Derek moved his head to his groin. “Officer Walsh here.” Mmm. “Two bodies? At a truck stop. Same MO? I’ll be there as soon as I can. Mhmm. Thank you. Bye.” Bill hung up the phone.

“New crime scene?” Derek said and went back on him.

“Yes. I need to go soon. Don’t stop. I’m close.”

“It was me.” Derek said and sucked harder.

“Oh fuck.” Bill knew this already. He put his hand behind Derek’s head and pushed his head down. “Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Fuck it, here it comes.” Bill’s energy exploded. Derek kept a little, but let him revel in his orgasm. “I need to take a shower.”

“And I need to finish. Go, you got work to do.” Derek winked and began playing with himself. Bill had a bathroom set right off his room in line with his bed. Derek could see him shower, and definitely put on a show for him. “You keep doing that and I won’t be able to stop myself from coming over there and plowing you into the night.” Bill called over as he sudzed up.

“You certainly could try.” Derek continued working on both parts of himself, making sure he’s on full display for Bill.

“Damn you.” Bill laughed. “I need to go to work. Even though it is you, I need to find someone, or make it a cold case. Until then, I need to go.” Bill got out of the shower and dried off. Derek finished as Bill got dressed.

“I’m feeling a little low, maybe I’ll go feed while you’re away.”

“Just not here please. I’d rather not come home to find a body on the couch.”

“Don’t worry, it’s always different place. I’ll keep you busy.” Derek winked as Bill left. Derek sighed. He left his house, naked, to go to his car. He grabbed his bag and went back inside. He put on his favorite hunting outfit and decided to go to the park.

“So, what do we have?” Bill walked into the truck stop men’s bathroom. Two bodies with blood dried on them still leaned against the side wall.

Dramatic Silence: A Loss of Hope

The Daily Post

Mox and Jerry’s life was monotonous. Both worked in accounting. Mox read romance novels, while Jerry built model planes. Only model planes. They had their favorite shows to watch, and had a specific scedule in doing so. Mox believed she loved Jerry, but was afraid she was settling, while Jerry just went with the flow. He would never admit it, but Mox was the best thing to happen to him.

They moved in together, actually bought an apartment 50/50. They had the same taste, slightly modern, mostly dark colors, so they didn’t argue over the furnishings. Life just moved on. Their day to day was the same. They wake up, drink coffee, go to work, come home, eat dinner, watch tv and/or have sex, then go to sleep. Two years passed without a single bump in their schedule. Nothing out of the ordinary. But Mox was drained. She wished for a child from Jerry. She was tired of the schedules and wanted something more. Something unpredictable. But it just wouldn’t take. She tried hormones. She tried therapies. She did all she could, but Jerry just stood by her.

They tried something new. A shiny trial to try and make the egg stay on the uterin wall. Mox signed the paperwork and began the trial. At first she felt, different, but not terrible. Something new grew inside her whenever they had sex now. She wanted more. Until one day, she got a little sick in the morning. Mox took the test. Peed on the stick, hands shaking in anticipation. Was she? Could Jerry and her really be having a child? The answer, was yes. She smiled. Something Mox hasn’t done in ages, but she smiled. She ran to tell Jerry the good news.

His face lit up like a christmas tree. He began preparing the baby room. The room was still half painted from their first hope. They couldn’t wait for the results of the sex. They had a pink and blue balloon tied to the center piece of the of the table. As the days passed by, their nerves became construde. The day was coming they feared might pass. With their last child, it was lost a few weeks into the pregnancy. They didn’t find out if it was a boy or girl. They day came and went and Mox felt better than ever.

The test drew closer and Mox’s health declined slightly. She easily became light headed. Her morning sickness worsened. She had to stay home from work. Mox felt like she did before.

The test day came. She drove to the hospital herself, but something pinched her stomach. The pain grew as she drove closer to the hospital. Mox’s vision began to blur. Her face was ashen. She passed out.

Jerry received a call from a policeman. Mox was taken to the hospital from a horrible car accident. Apperently, she had passed out from the loss of blood. They don’t know if either will make it. Jerry rushed to the hospital. He needed to see her. Feel her one last time.

In a daze, Jerry unlocked the door to his apartment. He walked in and went to the table. He popped both balloons.