Scythe: A Review

Scythe by Neal Schusterman is brilliant. The characters are flushed out. The settings feel real. And the pacing, the pacing is amazing. We begin with meeting the two main characters, Citra and Rowen, and how they react to meeting a Scythe. The title word is actually a profession in Neal Shusterman’s novel. To be a Scythe, is to carry the lives of all those you’ve taken. Technology and medicine have advanced to the point where people don’t die, if an accident happens, they are revived. Scythes “glean” people. That is the only way to die.

Through each of their unique encounters and reactions with the same Scythe, the are asked to join in the training to be one. To learn how to take life. They learn, and fight, but ulterior motives are at play as the plot moves along and we learn some pretty interesting info on the High Scythe. As Citra and Rowen train with Scythe Faraday, we learn about Scythe Curie, and Scythe Goddard. Honestly, I hate Scythe Goddard, and until part of the way through the book, I hated reading anything he was in. His character was so well written that I just felt sick whenever I read his parts.

I loved the setting, and the edition of an all-knowing AI that monitored every aspect of life except what the Scythes did. The AI kind of turned a blind eye unless the Scythes became too unruly. The founders of the Scythes put in a backdoor in their deal with the AI just in case something like Scythe Goddard became too out of control.

If you like Young Adult novels that are set in the future, read¬†Scythe. It’s not a dystopian novel, it’s actually more like a utopian book with a conflict in a certain group of people. I love the idea that no one can die until someone is killed by a Scythe. I can’t wait for the next in the series, even though¬†Scythe seemed to be a self-contained novel. I loved it!