A Trip to Lily Dale

My (now ex) boyfriend and I had read about it, and he had previously gone with his family, but we talked about going to Lily Dale in New York. That crazy psychic’s town about an hour south of Buffalo.Some people might know about Lily Dale from the Supernatural episode, but for those who are spiritually inclined, Lily Dale is kind of like the lesser known Salem. Where Salem, MA is known for its past with witchcraft and death, Lily Dale is a town full of psychics.

My boyfriend liked the experiences he had before, I think he had even paid for a reading, but isn’t spiritually aware. I had never been, so we decided to take a day trip and see the town, the stump and the area around the town. He drove, thankfully, and I sat next to him focusing on my energy, wondering what I would feel. A few years before, around the time I graduated High School I think, I met someone who unlocked a piece of me I knew I had, but had never explored. I could feel spirits. I could feel other beings just beyond the veil between our world and theirs. I knew Lily Dale was supposed to be a highly active town in spirits and energy, but I didn’t know how I would react.

We found the town and parked. They gave us a map and a schedule of the day’s events. We decided the stump would be the first thing we did since it was free and close to when we arrived. We walked, hand in hand, no one seemed to care. I asked if he felt anything different, but he didn’t really notice something off. I personally didn’t feel anything either, but I was just wondering if he did. We walked around, noticed a couple of shops to stop at after the stump. We followed the signs to the “inspiration stump” I believe it’s called. The town is actually pretty beautiful.

The path takes you passed an animal graveyard. It was cool, and some of the names were cute, but we went on to the stump. It’s supposed to be a place where open mediumship can happen. Four or five of the town psychics, which you usually have to pay for a reading, will do a free channeling of a spirit if they feel anything up. Benches line up to the stump and a bunch of the psychics walk around, talk about the past of the place and see if any spirits want to talk to the audience through them. Now, I personally think this is the only area in the town that has a strong pull to the spirit world.

As we walked up and found a bench to sit on. It felt like I was wading through water. I told my boyfriend and he couldn’t feel anything, but to me it felt like water was all around me. It felt like electricity was washing across my skin. I couldn’t sit still. It was one of the most fascinating experiences of my life so far. We sat through the people doing their readings and talking, then left at the end. I should’ve gone up to the stump, or talked to one of the psychics, but that’s for next time I guess. Neither my boyfriend at the time, nor I was picked by a spirit to talk to, so we left.

We went through a couple of the shops, I bought a necklace of a stag in a Celtic fashion because that is my sign/self/spirit animal. We walked through their fairy path and then left to go back to his house. I want to go back again, but hopefully one day. Whether this is a diary entry or just a fictitious story of us going to Lily Dale is up for you to decide. Go to Lily Dale if you want an actual spiritual experience, but don’t pay eighty bucks for a reading, it messes with the mojo and you can probably find someone to do it for free. Have fun!

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