Initial Thoughts on Pokemon Go

I downloaded the app last night when it was finally released in the US, some speculate because so many people were downloading the app early illegally, and as with anything brand new and for the phone, it was kind of wonky. I had to restart the app four times to even get to the character creator screen, and then the first couple of times it froze there, so I had to reopen the app and wait through the loading screens all over again. I’ve also noticed with some people they can find pokemon all around their house, but I have yet to find a single one, or really in the vacinity of my house. I took it out for a spin today just to see what I could find, and the pokemon are easy to catch, but my monument locations wouldn’t load. I think that’s another thing with it is phone companies I think aren’t allowing enough megabites to go to this system, so when I try off wifi, it says the servers are having problems. Other than that, it’s a cool game so far, haven’t reached level five yet so I still haven’t picked a team, mostly because I can’t find pokemon, just a little glitchy which is to be expected from a brand new game with so many people wanting to play it. I’m sure it will get better and the servers strengthened to handle the traffic going in and out.