As I have seen,

It doesn’t do well,

To sell your soul.


There is no money,

I don’t have great health,

I need a job,

The demon can fuck off.



It’s sometimes black,

And sometimes white,

It’s usually hot,

But sometimes cold.


I love your smell,

And usually your taste,

You’re good in baking,

But seldom on legs.


You give us caffeine,

And maybe some sugar,

We want to be awake,

But usually just jitters.


“We need to hang out! It’s been so long!” 

“But I don’t have a lot of time on break.” 

“Reunited after 7 month hiatus.”

What’s the point if it’s all a facade? 

Why keep people that aren’t truly there? 

There is no point. 

So goodbye to those that hide behind masks. 

I’m tired of it. 

Thank you to those that actually care. 

You truly are friends.