Is That My Face?

Jared walked through a crowded sidewalk on his way home from work. It hadn’t been a nice day, and he just couldn’t wait to get home and relax. He stopped in a hole-in-the-wall pizzeria for dinner. Jared ordered a couple of plain pepperoni slices and left.

“I’m sorry.” He bumped into someone on the sidewalk. He swore the person looked like guy who was selling pizzas in that restaurant. He did a double take but went back to walking. His feet were on autopilot. His mind wandered and he noticed something odd. He saw them out of the corner of his eyes. The people he walked by looked the same? He stopped. The next person walking towards him looked the same. His heart thumped in his chest. What the fuck is going on? He thought. Jared ran. He tried to keep hold on his pizza. He looked in the windows of the buildings he passed. The reflection staring back at him was exactly like the others. He was one of them.

Jared screamed. I can’t be one of them! I just can’t. He thought. Jared ran to his apartment complex and up to the one he owned. He opened and slammed his door. He didn’t know what to do.He turned on the tv and a news channel flashed on. The news anchor looked like him.

“We have confirmation the man in question is not at his home.” Jared could hear helicopters flying around outside. “He is terribly dangerous. Please stay away from him at all costs.” The camera switched from the guy to a camera on the helicopter. It was pointing at his apartment window. He went to the window and opened the curtain. He saw a body in the window now.

Bang Bang Bang.

Someone was at the door.

Bang Bang Bang.

Jared’s mind swirled. He could hear the person slamming into the door. The door shook and creaked. Something tapped on his window. Before he could see what it was, the person smashed through the door and someone broke the window. They were both dressed in swat gear. The person from the window took out a gun and shot Jared in the neck. Cold spread from his neck and calmed his whole body. He fell to the ground and couldn’t feel anything. His mind went foggy.

“Where? Where am I?” Jared asked. His head felt like he drank 12 shots and a few beers.

“Ah good. You’re finally awake. Now, look at the metronome and let the soothing motion flow through you. Just relax.” A voice to Jared’s left said. He saw a metronome swinging back and forth. The ticking lulled him into a meditative state. “What are you?” Jared slurred.

“Shhh sh sh. You’re going to be okay. You won’t remember what happened.” The world went black around him.

The Daily Post


The Daily Post

“What’s the point? I already got that last year.”

“I know, what about a throne?”

“I have forty of those. I took them from my favorite kings.”

“What about the sun?”

“In the light hallway. The one out there now is a boring copy. I couldn’t let those dumb creatures die out, I take half my artifacts from them.”

“What about, the roman empire? Just take the entire time in a bubble, and keep it here.”

Gray flourished his hand. “Did it, but with the Greeks. So much more class.”

“Well then I don’t know. I think you have everything, and my opinion is useless.”

“Nonsense. I want your opinion Lorian.”

“Well. You don’t have something I have.” Lorian winked.

“How do you know?”

“Because I think I would’ve felt it.”

“You feel lust, not love.”

“What’s the difference anymore?”

“That is a good question.” Gray reached out and grabbed Lorian’s arm.

“The only bad thing is you can’t have everything you want.”

“I have my ways.” Gray pulls Lorian’s head down and kisses him.

“You realize I wouldn’t just be your’s.” Lorian says and kisses him back.

“It’s okay as long as you know I have you too.” Gray says.

“Greedy bastard.” Lorian smiles.



The Daily Post

“You sure you need to do this?” The woman asked Belvadeu.

“If you want your memory to live on permanently, yes.” Belvadeu put the blade to her hand and pressed lightly. A thin line of blood rose to the surface. He turned her hand so the beautiful fluid dripped into all of his colors. He already pre-tinted them, so the color of paints wouldn’t change.

“I think my family will love it. How long will this take?” The woman asked, squeezing the last drops into the last cup.

“A few hours. I have some birds outside the window, or look at the sea. It’ll be over before you know it.” Belvadeu set her up on the chair, moved her to the position he wanted, and moved to his easel. With some of the blood he collected from her hand, he painted a circle with some symbols in it. The blood dried quickly. Once the circle was set, he began to paint.

“Ow.” The woman put her hand up to her head but put it back down. Belvadeu had just finished the outline of her head. He continued his work. They all reacted this way. It wasn’t his fault siphoning off the soul hurt a bit. At least he won’t take all of it. Only a tiny piece. He wonders what part of her will be trapped in his canvas forever.

“Don’t worry ma’am. Just look out the window and the waves will soothe the mind.” He continued to paint. The wind-chime outside began to ring. The spell was working. He just needed to finish up quickly before the euphoria wore off. Belvadeu finished her face and began working on her body. He loved painting the heart. It always brought the whole thing together.

He finished the painting just as the chime stopped ringing. Another masterpiece finished. “Just need to let this dry, I’ll have my servant drop it off tomorrow. Anything special for the frame?”

“Just a normal wooden one please. Dark finish. Thank you.” The woman got up, moved her hand over her stomach, but left his studio. It’ll pass. The side affects always do after a couple of days. And once that painting is in your house. The real fun begins.

Just last week, a man who bought a painting from him committed suicide. Poor thing. He didn’t know what he was doing. His mind wasn’t all there. The painting had replaced him, you see? He came home one night to find a man who looked exactly like him sitting and eating with his family. It drove him insane. A couple of days later, his wife noticed something odd about the painting, and the copy went into a rage. Killed all of them and melted away. The actual husband was found a few days after in the river. Everyone figured he killed them then himself. It was the scandal of the decade.

Belvadeu wanted to see what a woman could do.

Praise the Sun

The Daily Post

It’s interesting to look at and be in the community of Dark Souls. Yes there are some trouble makers, but all in all, people want to help each other. I’m a part of the sun covenant, and it’s really cool because it’s more of helping the other person out than fucking them over for your own sake. The color system has definitely become better because now you can tell between the helping people, white or gold markings, and the people who can possibly kill you like the purple signs. In DS2, covenants weren’t that useful or prevalent. I didn’t really like them. The summoning in 2 was also kind of shit compared to 3, but that’s probably because more people are playing 3 than 2 right now.

I’ve been playing with a friend from college with most of the boss fights, although a few I did on my own because we just died too many times and I was pissed and wanted the boss to die…i.e. the Dancer of the Boreal Valley. I also find it slightly easier with bosses alone, except for the bloody Pontiff, but I digress. Dark Souls 3 is a lot of fun, and actually a lot of fun with other people. The lag is a bit weird, especially with being invaded, but other than that, it’s a lot of fun, and the animations for both games are pretty hilarious.

Also, for a mini-rant. The Nameless King is complete bull shit. At least with the Champion Gundyr, you could parry him and actually defeat him with some difficulty, actually the second hardest fight I have had. The Nameless King is hard only because of circumstances out of your control. It’s almost like they took a note out of the DS2 boss book and made the hit box ridiculous, the aoe attacks ridiculous, and it’s a two-part battle. I haven’t even gotten to part two yet. My friend said I should summon some people, but I don’t even see the point when I’ll die in five seconds anyway. Oh, and the only weakness on the wyvern is its head, which is always moving above you and/or breathing fire so you die. It’s complete bull. Everyone says it’s the hardest battle in DS3, which I give credit to, but, it’s a good thing the battle is optional because it’s near impossible. I wouldn’t care if you had a chance, but there is none. It’s the luck of the draw.

Other than that. I am on my last boss, the Soul of Cinder, and I gave the Fire Keeper the eyes, so I’m going to check out that ending and get the achievement. Should be fun.

P.S. I know who The Nameless King is supposed to be, so fuck that. I’ll help my friend if I have to.


The Daily Post

There’s something missing. Something I can’t put my finger on. It’s a hunger. A Want, no, a need. I’m tired of having the longing for physical contact. And the sad thing is, not just a someone to mess around with. I hunger for the passion. The connection when two people are together. I hate how mechanical sex becomes without it. At least the need is easily ebbed, although it get’s a bit boring.

I never could understand people who are celibate, or abstinent until they get married. So, you don’t know how your partner and you work together sexually? What if you don’t like what they do? What if it’s not what you thought? I guess I just don’t understand the thought of a relationship without sex. Of any kind. I think my hormones just run more rampant than most, or I accept myself and know what I like and want from someone. Speaking of.

What the fuck is it with people who want to be “friends with benefits” or “fuck buddies” but only for their wants. Only when they’re horny. Like. Sorry. I’m a human too. I’m not a machine, only here for your enjoyment. I’m so tired of these kind of relationships not being both ways. If you want to do something, ask, but also see what your friend wants to do. Hang out. Watch a movie. Mess around. Don’t forget the “friends” part in “friends with benefits.”

It’s weird having a craving for sex. Especially in an area where men are afraid of their own sexuality and pleasures. Can I just create the perfect man yet?

Dramatic Silence: A Loss of Hope

The Daily Post

Mox and Jerry’s life was monotonous. Both worked in accounting. Mox read romance novels, while Jerry built model planes. Only model planes. They had their favorite shows to watch, and had a specific scedule in doing so. Mox believed she loved Jerry, but was afraid she was settling, while Jerry just went with the flow. He would never admit it, but Mox was the best thing to happen to him.

They moved in together, actually bought an apartment 50/50. They had the same taste, slightly modern, mostly dark colors, so they didn’t argue over the furnishings. Life just moved on. Their day to day was the same. They wake up, drink coffee, go to work, come home, eat dinner, watch tv and/or have sex, then go to sleep. Two years passed without a single bump in their schedule. Nothing out of the ordinary. But Mox was drained. She wished for a child from Jerry. She was tired of the schedules and wanted something more. Something unpredictable. But it just wouldn’t take. She tried hormones. She tried therapies. She did all she could, but Jerry just stood by her.

They tried something new. A shiny trial to try and make the egg stay on the uterin wall. Mox signed the paperwork and began the trial. At first she felt, different, but not terrible. Something new grew inside her whenever they had sex now. She wanted more. Until one day, she got a little sick in the morning. Mox took the test. Peed on the stick, hands shaking in anticipation. Was she? Could Jerry and her really be having a child? The answer, was yes. She smiled. Something Mox hasn’t done in ages, but she smiled. She ran to tell Jerry the good news.

His face lit up like a christmas tree. He began preparing the baby room. The room was still half painted from their first hope. They couldn’t wait for the results of the sex. They had a pink and blue balloon tied to the center piece of the of the table. As the days passed by, their nerves became construde. The day was coming they feared might pass. With their last child, it was lost a few weeks into the pregnancy. They didn’t find out if it was a boy or girl. They day came and went and Mox felt better than ever.

The test drew closer and Mox’s health declined slightly. She easily became light headed. Her morning sickness worsened. She had to stay home from work. Mox felt like she did before.

The test day came. She drove to the hospital herself, but something pinched her stomach. The pain grew as she drove closer to the hospital. Mox’s vision began to blur. Her face was ashen. She passed out.

Jerry received a call from a policeman. Mox was taken to the hospital from a horrible car accident. Apperently, she had passed out from the loss of blood. They don’t know if either will make it. Jerry rushed to the hospital. He needed to see her. Feel her one last time.

In a daze, Jerry unlocked the door to his apartment. He walked in and went to the table. He popped both balloons.


The Daily Post

“So who’s the lucky gentleman?”

“Oh, stop it. Someone will hear you.” Samantha blushed.

“That’s just the thrill. Come on Sam, I can see it in your eyes. You’re smitten.” Jessica said and flipped her fan around, covering her mouth. Samantha could only see her eyes.

“Oh alright. So there’s this boy.”

Gasp. “A boy? You must tell me who.”

“Well he’s tall. And sweet. He looks dashing in his brown waistcoat.”

“Dashing you say? Oh my. It might be worse than I imagined.”

“Shush. Do you want to know his name or not?” Samantha put up her fan up to shield her face from everyone.

“You know I do, so spill.” Jessica mimicked Samantha.

“Bobby Darkwood.” Samantha whispered to Jessica.

“Bobby. Darkwood? Say it isn’t so.” Jessica blushed and closed her fan.

“I know what you’re going to say, and yes, he’s even more dashing without, the waistcoat.” Samantha’s face completely turned red and closed her fan as well.

“Stop it.” Jessica hit Samantha with her fan. “You must wait till you are his.”

“I already am. Just not bound.” Samantha looked to the park. She watched as a couple walked by. She longed for Bobby.

“You really are taken by him. If only I could find a suitor of my own.” Jessica took Samantha’s hand in her own. And squeezed it.