Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children: A Review

I just want to begin this with the idea that I haven’t read the book yet, so I don’t know how different the movie is from the book. From that point, I’ll just be looking at the plot of the movie on its own. Starting at the credits, I would just like to say that I did not expect Dame Judi Dench in this movie at all, and how small of a part in the movie she had. As the movie moves forward, we see Jake and his grandfather’s relationship from when he was little until now. Jake is actually one of the only rational characters in this movie. When his grandfather dies, under weird circumstances, Jake goes to see a psychologist. I think this actually helps Jake in remembering his grandfather’s stories from when he was a kid, which then leads him to Miss Peregrine.

With Jake’s ignorance of his own peculiar, this makes the audience ignorant as well so we learn along with Jake. This works for the type of movie Miss Peregrine’s was designed to be. If Jake can be surprised, then the audience will also be surprised, either by new knowledge, or even a scare. Talking about scares, taking it from the little kid that sat next to me in the theater, I would heed the PG-13 rating. Unless your kid likes somewhat scary and disturbing images, I wouldn’t take them. The scene that explains the background of the hollows and them eating the eyes of the children, is just, really weird. It’s beautifully done, and works well for the plot, it’s just visually, horrifying. The eyes are so realistic and the noises, it was creepy and made the kid next to me scream.

I loved this movie and I think this was a step up from the Alice in Wonderland series Tim Burton recently put out. I think it combined the whimsical and the macabre that Tim Burton is known for beautifully. I really hope they make another one based on how open the ending was. I also kind of really hope Eva Green has a bigger part in the second movie, but that’s probably because I think she’s an amazing actress. If you like kids with interesting powers and creepy beings called hollows that eat their eyes, watch this movie. It was really good.