What Can You Do?

“What are you doing? Don’t you know that will bring them to us?” Jasmine ran over to Blake.

“What will bring who to us?” Blake froze. He wasn’t doing anything, just thinking about the leaves swirling in a tornado, but they fell as soon as Jasmine yelled.

“You know what I’m talking about.” Jasmine pointed to the pile of leaves. She looked at him expectantly.

“I seriously don’t know what you are talking about.” Blake stared at her defensively. He was just minding his own business until Jasmine freaked out. She stepped closer to him.

“You know damn well what I’m talking about. Magic was forbidden in the US three decades ago. Didn’t your family tell you?” Jasmine looked incredulous, but a bit angry. She didn’t want to get caught because of this kid. “If the magic you do is strong enough, they will see it and come here.”

“Oh I didn’t know, I was just playing with the leaves. I lost my family a few years ago. They never told me anything. I’ve been living on my own ever since.” Blake looked at the ground. He wasn’t sure what it was, but he felt something watching them. “I don’t mean to alarm you, but I think someone is watching us.” Blake stared into Jasmine’s eyes.

She let go with her senses and felt something too. How did he feels something before her? “We need to leave. Now.” Jasmine grabbed on Blake’s arm.

“Where do you suggest we go?” Blake blushed at the contact.

“Through here.” Jasmine tapped on the brick wall with a key next to them. The bricks faded away and Jasmine pulled him through. When he looked back, the passage was closed. Vines grew over the wall they just came through.

“Won’t they follow us?” Blake asked and looked behind them as they ran down a tunnel with torches every so often.

“Nope, this is an obscure tunnel. It connects an area to wherever you think when you touch a wall with an item like my key. It’s kind of underground and totally illegal in most places, but when you are a part of the resistance.” Jasmine continued to pull Blake along. He couldn’t believe what was happening to him.

“Is that where we are going? To the resistance?”

“Yes. I think there is more to you than even you know. You may be the key piece we’ve been looking for.” She smiled at him. She couldn’t believe that the resistance might hang on just because of this kid, well, teenager, but still. Luck was on her side this much at least.

“What if I don’t want to join the resistance. I mean, I only just figured out I could do some kind of magic, what use could I be?”

“With a little training, I think there is no limit to what you can do. Just wait and see what the elders have to say.” Jasmine slowed down as they reached a giant oak door. She knocked three times and it swung open. “Welcome to the resistance.”

The Daily Post


“Your majesty! The courtyard is in shambles. Most of the people escaped, but they’re–”  Gah! The tip of a sword pierced the servant’s chest. Blood stained the clothes as he fell. Nobles screamed and tried to escape, but they could only go further in the castle. Bandits entered from the courtyard. They only killed those who were in their way. A shadow moved to Balkin’s right and a throwing knife cut through the air in front of him. It wasn’t aimed at him, it was going to hit Dralor. Time slowed down and Balkin reached out his hand. He felt a tingling flow from his heart down to his hand. He sensed the ground under Dralor and pushed up. The stones hit the chair and flipped Dralor onto his back; the knife narrowly missed him at the last second.

Balkin slid over to Dralor and grabbed him. They ran towards his room. There was a secret exit in his room that led to a set of tunnels on his family knew about.. Someone screamed and leapt towards them from the side. His father was there in a flash with sword raised to parry the attack.

“Go. You know where to go. Once you’re out go to the North. Your uncle will know something is up. As for now,” the King through the jeweled necklace he always wore to Balkin. He caught it and knew this was probably the last time he will ever see his father. Dralor pulled on his arm. They had to go. As they rounded the corner of the hall, Balkin heard a yell and a thud. He looked back and his father was on the ground. Bandits were coming to them, but anger filled his heart. Dralor tugged on him, but he stood his ground and put his hands up. The ceiling rumbled and cracked. Balkin brought the stones falling on the bandits and with one last bit of energy, pulled some of the stones into a wall. He stumbled and Dralor caught him. He was exhausted, but Dralor pulled him into his room and barred the door.

“Why are we in here.” Dralor looked to Balkin and stood next to the door to listen for anything.

“Under my bed, there’s a trapdoor to the tunnels. We can escape there.” Balkin couldn’t keep his eyes open.

“Then we need to grab some clothes and leave.” Dralor quickly gathered some of Balkin’s clothes, but also suggested he get in his clothes. Dralor and walk around in some underclothes, but balkin needed some kind of disguise. He helped Balkin get in his clothes, and put what they were wearing in the fireplace. Dralor moved the bed and pulled on the trapdoor. He beckoned Balkin to go first so he could make it look like nothing changed. When Balkin was through, he closed the door and moved the bed back over. It was going to be a squeeze, but Dralor crawled under the bed, pushed on the mattress a little to make some room, and slid into the opening. He clung onto the ladder as he fell down. He hoped they were gone before anyone found the entrance.


“I’m right here, come on.” Dralor found Balkin slumpt against the wall of the cave.

“I don’t have the energy to walk, whatever awakened in me took a lot of what I had. Balkin said and passed out. Dralor threw him over his shoulder and began walking through the tunnel. It came to an abrupt turn and he just kept walking. The tunnel came to a room with a bed. He placed Balkin down and tried to find a way out. A door opened and in came that servant that caught them earlier.

“Why are you here? Where did you come from?” Dralor went for his sword but forgot he was only wearing his underclothes. His face grew hot as th servant looked him over again.

“This is my house. I am Balkin’s second cousin from the King’s first wife. No one really remembers about us, but the King gave my family this house and kept us well taken care of in case something happened. We just heard. I am truly sorry. How is Balkin?” The servant stepped towards Balkin, but Dralor got in the way.

“He’s been through a lot, he needs his rest.” Dralor stared at the servant and kept himself in between him and Balkin.

“Stop worrying so much, I’ve been his servant for as long as I can remember, If I wanted to harm him, I could’ve used the trap door. Which reminds me, you did lock it didn’t you?” The teen looked a bit worried.

“We uh, we didn’t have a lot of time and it all happened kind of fast.” Dralor looked to the floor.

“Don’t worry about it, there are other,” the servant pushed on a beam at the entrance to the tunnel Dralor just came through. The beam fell and the tunnel collapsed. Balkin rolled over. “ways to protect us. I’m going to tell my parents you are safe.” He left.

“Thank you.” Dralor called and went back to Balkin. He looked so beautiful with his semi long hair draped around his face. He got into bed with Balkin and snuggled up behind him, holding him tight. “It’s going to be okay. We’re going to be okay.” He said as he dozed off next to his love.




Lorian walked across his room. He looked at the clock. He had twenty minutes until the test. He conjured fire above the palm of his hand. It danced across his hand and wound its way around his arm. He could feel the heat on his skin. His family had been fire weavers for generations. Lorian had the genetic talent but every time he manipulated the flames, something pulled from the back of his mind.

The mirror in his room glowed and the surface began to ripple. The surface was pulled in and swirled into a vortex. “Must be time.” Lorian walked over to the mirror and stepped in. He felt his body crack and shatter then put back together in the testing area. He opened his eyes to a giant oval arena. Grey bricks created the walls and pillars lined the edge up to the elders who sat at the other end. Without a word, Dinaria raised her hand and bodies across the floor twitched. Cracks and pops filled the air as the bodies came to life. The rumors were true, she could bring the dead back to life.

“Begin.” One of them called from across the area as all the bodies turned to him and ran. Some were missing arms, some their heads, but all of them went after Lorian. He ran through the reanimated. One of them grabbed the cloth on his shoulder, but gasped as flames scorched anywhere they touched. It was a defense spell he created. Lorian called forth fire balls in both of his hands and threw them in every direction. Each one hit a body and burned it instantly to ash.

He threw as many as he could, but the reanimated kept coming. Bodies dug out of the ground around him to add to the numbers. He was overwhelmed. He had to try and destroy them all at once. Lorian concentrated the fire to his hands, taking the energy from the air and molding it into the fire. He hadn’t completely perfected this yet, but he had to try. He could feel his finger tips tingle as the flames licked his skin. As the bodies surrounded and bound onto him, he placed his hands on the ground.

Fire erupted from the ground all around him, vaporizing all of the dead, even those coming from underground, but something happened. A needle pierced his chest and his defenses fell, leaving his body to be a feast for the fire. He screamed as the flames he had worked with all his life turned on him and began to lick his flesh. Lorian could feel his skin being seared off. He screamed in agony. His mind barely held on as the pain increased and his body gave in.

Lorian woke up in his bed. The last thing he remembered was the flames consuming him. He tried to move his arms. A pain shot up his left side, but his right arm seemed to be okay. He couldn’t see out of his right eye. He tried to touch the right side of his face, but bandages covered it. He didn’t know what was happening. A guttural scream emanated from him.

“Lorian? Lorian what’s wrong?” His father entered his room.

“What happened?” He stared at his father. It was weird only using one eye.

“You used the flame wave and something happened. It’s being investigated, but right now they think you were tampered with in that exact moment when you were at your most vulnerable. Someone drained your flame aura and the fire turned on you. It happens, but right now just worry about healing up. We will find whoever did this to you, to my son.” Lorian’s father looked out the window above his head. He felt like his dad was more hurt by the fact someone would dare hurt his progeny more than caring about Lorian’s welfare. Anger burned in his chest.

“Other than parts of me in pain, I seem to be fine.” Lorian moved his head to look at the ceiling. His father looked back down at him, then left. He raised his right hand and tried to conjure a flame. Nothing came to him. A cold sensation drifted out from his chest. He tried to look at his chest. A bandage was wrapped around him. Something black began to seep into the cloth. It was cold. He tried to move the bandage down. A black aura shielded his chest and continued to grow. “Great.” Lorian didn’t even try to block out the new aura. He fell back to sleep.

“Lorian, what are you doing?” His father came in to see if he wanted dinner. Instead, he found Lorian floating above his bed. The dark aura was complete. “Lorian. No. No! Not my son. Please.” His father was too afraid to come any closer. Lorian wasn’t a fire weaver anymore. His father knew this aura, Lorian was of the shadow born now.


Ever since I was little, I could control earth. It was really weird growing up. Mom would always catch me outside, playing with my friends I had made from the ground. She always said she could never get me away from dirt. Here’s the thing though. My hair would lighten in the summer, and then my power with the earth would weaken and I could play with light.

As I got older, I hid my gift from most people. I only trusted my mother and my best friend Danny with the knowledge of what I could do. Mother never really saw the connection between my hair and my abilities, but I did. My senior year of high school I decided to color my hair. Just to experiment. I dyed my hair blue. Someone pulled my hair the next day and I cried. A freak storm swept through town, the worse I cried, the worse the storm got. I was angry with the person that did it, so a lightning bolt zapped their car. Exploding it.

And with that, I decided to change hair colors. Going completely bleach blonde was weird because of all the light, so I died it red. As soon as the color took, I could feel my entire body heat up. I began to sweat, and usually I’m good in the south California heat. This one was kind of weird. I felt hot, but the suns rays didn’t really feel warm anymore. I also can’t explain what it’s like to have fire literally in your hands. Danny asked for a light, so I did it with my finger. Other than being hot all the time, this one was really cool.

One day my mom was getting on my nerves. Kept asking me what I’ve been doing after school with Danny. I was so frustrated, I wasn’t ready to tell her yet, so I flipped out. The curtains caught on fire. Catching everything else on fire as well…

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” I cried as our house burned. If only I had the blue hair still. “I did this.” I say to my mom.

“It’s alright. We have coverage, it’s going to be okay.” She said. I hugged her.

“I’m going to shave my head.”

“No baby, this isn’t your fault. You’re still learning, and I see experimenting, with your abilities. It just takes time. You’ll get it.”

“Th-thanks mom.” I said as I looked to the house. I need to gain control.



“Blain, can you do anything?”

“Just give me a moment. I need to connect all of them in my web.” Blain concentrated on the bodies on the ground. He could see the electric fields around their bodies, but they were diminishing. He had to do this and quickly. Blain drew lines connecting himself with all of the bodies he could see. Through these, he worked some magic and electricity flowed through all of them from his own field. Blain could feel the force around him grow as well as the ones around the bodies. He stood up and they all mechanically tried to stand up as well.

“Isn’t even the first time I’ve seen this and it still sends shivers down my spine. But I still love you.”

“I love you too, but right now, let’s give our enemies something to dream about in the forthcoming nights.” Blain made the re-animated opposing knights face him and salute.

“Still not used to it.””Shh.” He moved towards the corpses and raised Yorutengu into the air. The corpses mimicked his stance and turned towards their living brethren. “Give them nightmares.” The bodies dashed forward faster than when they were alive. Swords slashed, maces obliterated, no one was safe. One of the enemy soldiers screamed as a katana cut his head clear off and continued to scream as his energy was connected to Blain’s web. With this in tow, the rest of the soldiers risked desertion over trying to fight their fallen brothers.

“That’s right, run.” Blain yelled to those still alive. “Ah!” Blain cried out. His legs buckled from underneath him. Something cut through his web. “We are not alone Malek.” The ground sighed as the corpses thumped back to the ground.


“I don’t know, they cut my web.”

A figure comes out from behind a tree. “I see you boys have been busy.”

“Madame Karina. A pleasure to see you again, teacher.” Blain blinked and she was right in front of him, Serumas at his throat.

“Now now Blain, what did I tell you about trying to hard?”

“It would kill me someday.” Malek twitched but Blain put his hand out to calm him. “It’s okay Malek, she won’t kill me, at least, not today.”

“You think so?”

“You need me for this war. I know you do.” He said as the blade gently nipped at his skin.

“I wish it weren’t true, but the king needs your help.”

“The one that banished me?”

“For killing half your class, yes, that one.”

“I’m surprised he’s still kicking. What’s the problem?”

“He needs your, ability, to end this war. You just proved you can’t fight the dead as easily as the living.”

“I’ll have to think about–” Serumas cuts a little deeper. “Okay okay, get your dog off me, I’ll help. Where?”

“At the Grand Cathedral. You know the chamber.” She lowered Serumas and leapt back. “Meet us there and you’ll see.” With that, Madame Karina dissolved into flower petals.

“Damn that’s cool.” Malek went over to Blain to check the bleeding. It’s already stopped and a thin, pink line formed where the cut was.

“Looks like I’m going home.”


So I was talking with a friend last night about a new idea for a story with magic, with there being mages for the four ancient elements, but then there are specialties within each area. The cool thing is I then passed out and had a dream of the world I was just describing to my friend right before. I think a story inside me is trying to get out lol.