La La Land: A Review

Warning: THIS POST WILL MOST LIKELY CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR THE MOVIE MUSICAL LA LA LAND. If you haven’t watched it yet, I highly suggest you do.

La La Land is set in California with a budding actress Mia (Emma Stone) and a jazz pianist Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) figuring out just how exactly to make their dreams come true. The plot follows Mia a bit more than Sebastian, but it’s really cute how at the beginning they don’t really even like each other. She’s trying to rehearse for an audition while waiting in traffic, and he honks at her because she won’t move when the traffic finally does move forward. They split apart, but always seem to find each other in some way or another.

I also loved the beginning of the movie because we begin with the song “Another Day of Sun,” with a bunch of people stuck in traffic. None of the singers or dancers are a major character in the movie. I liked how they didn’t introduce Mia or Sebastian until she was rehearsing and flipping him off as he drove around her, honking the entire time. You begin to love both of them from the very beginning. You will want both of their dreams to come true. Mia obviously wants to become a full-fledged actress and Sebastian, even though he doesn’t mind touring, his real dream is to open his own club.

The movie is broken up by season, beginning with Winter. This is where we meet Mia and Sebastian and learn a little of their backgrounds. It really brings the audience into the character’s shoes. As they continue to meet from Winter into Spring, they fall for each other and Summer is full of love and messing around. Outside conflicts begin to take a toll on both as he goes on tour and she writes a one-woman show.Mia pulls off her one-woman show, and Sebastian continues with the tour. And true to the name, Fall is where they split again. They realize that following their dreams might mean losing each other.

You feel for these characters. You yearn for their success, and cry with them when they hit a low cord. The musical I believe is all jazz, which I’m not familiar with at all, but fits this musical to a T. The love story of Mia and Sebastian isn’t very long, but it is strong and beautiful. Also, for those of us creators, the dreamers, the song “Audition (The Fools Who Dream)” is amazing. I really enjoyed this musical and the fact it’s original and swept the board at the Golden Globes excites me. La La Land is for us. To show dreams can come true. Just keep pushing. I highly recommend this movie! And for now, I’m going again sometime this weekend (and listen to the soundtrack in the meantime). Enjoy!