A Few Things

So I upgraded to WordPress Premium last month to see what it was all about, and check out what this wordads thing was. So far, I guess I don’t get enough views for any revenue, so the good thing about Premium is if you pause the wordads, there are no more ads on your blog. So now I don’t even have WordPress ads on my blog which makes me happy.

Thank you everyone that has looked at my posts this month. Up until December, I was in college, and the time just didn’t work out for my writing, and I was super stressed out which was new to me. I hope the people who have just joined, continue to like my content, but I am also glad the people from back in July and August are still here. Thank you, and I hope to continue writing pieces you guys like.

Moving forward, I am working on a new longer story, whether it’s a novel, or just a longer than 500-800 word story, I don’t know, but it is in the works, and I can’t wait to show a part of it as soon as possible. Thank you everyone that has been here, and the newcomers, and have a nice day!

Birth and Loss

So my birthday is on Saturday and my great uncle passed away on the first so we are having a thing on that day as well. It’s such a weird feeling having a death so close to your birthday. My mom’s aunt passed away on her birthday when she was young. It’s sad, but also a good thing because through death, we are born anew. Hopefully Saturday goes well.

Next set of business is my posts. Once I went back to college at Geneseo, this sadly was put on a back burner. Through one semester, I had so much stress I had a panic attack and I never want to go back, so I’m hoping to work on my writing, this blog, and hopefully find a freelance editing job. I applied to a job at about.com, but I feel like I need to check more out, even an internship if need be. 

So hopefully from this day forward I will put out one, hopefully two, posts a day like I did in august. I’m also debating on going from the free version of WordPress to the next plan up. Maybe I can actually make money off this. I don’t know, if any of you have experience in this, please let me know what you have done. Thank you for everything you guys have told me so far, and I can’t wait for whatever the new year brings!

In Passing

With the recent passing of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, her mother and a wonderful actress, I just, can’t believe all that we have lost this year. David Bowie. Alan Rickman. Prince. So many wonderful and creative people, not just on the silver screen, but through music and writing have left us. This also brings to light what we have all dealt with.

Death is something we all know about, but also seems surreal. It’s always on the edge of our existence. Celebrities are on a global stage, but that doesn’t mean they are any different. We each have family. We know what they’re dealing with. My heart goes out to the family of Carrie Fisher and her mother, and to every other person dealing with loss of a celebrity, or within their family. Its a sad year, but we can get through this. Thank you.

Writer’s Block

Do you ever get that feeling where you want to write, but you just can’t? There is just some wall that you have put up yourself that won’t break down. It sucks because you can feel them. The thousands of voices trapped inside you, yelling at you to come out. To write their story. To just put the pen to the paper and maybe, just maybe, it will be their time to come out. This, I think, is what frustrates us.

And yet here I am. Talking about the thing that frustrates us more than actually doing it. I feel the scraping at the door. I know everyone wants to come out. But it just won’t budge. Maybe it’s just me. I think we all go through periods where we ask ourselves if we actually have writer’s block, or is it all in our head? How do you just take an axe and break through the door? Maybe the door is just our fears that we put up. The fear of rejection. The fear of critique. The fear of just not giving the right voice to a character.

So this is for the voices. A partial crack to let light through. Maybe now I can actually write something, but who knows. Let the voices come through.


So I’ve been reading The Novice by Taran Matharu. I’m hoping to finish this book today, if not, tomorrow and get a review out tomorrow at the latest. So far it is a really well written book and I would totally recommend it to anyone that likes magic/adventure/fantasy books. I also think it’s in the Young Adult section, so that might turn you off, but I think it’s one of the better ones of late. I’ve also been playing Dark Souls 3 on new game + (NG+) so that has been interesting. I’ve been hoping to get into No Man’s Sky, but I just can’t see paying $60 for an indie game. It’s not an AAA title, and in watching, I don’t think it’s worth spending $60 on. I love the game, but not for the price. Hopefully it is cheaper on Black Friday. That’s all the update I have, as for Derek’s story, I’m not really sure where that is going as of late, but I hope to get back to him soon. I really like his story and I hope you guys do too. Have a nice day!


So, I have a question for everyone. Do you have any suggestions on what I should do publishing wise? I’ve researched publishing through Amazon, B&N, and Apple, and it seems if I do this, it should be Amazon first because they have a 90 day grace period before I can publish it anywhere else. Then there is the print on demand thing as well I’m thinking of doing eventually. I just hope people actually like my story, and it doesn’t just die. If you guys have any suggestions, I’m all ears.

New Book Cover/Summary

So, I’ve been thinking about self-publishing and with this I have to make a cover, so I’m thinking about this. I’m not that great with drawing, or anything artistic really. I like this cover, I just don’t know if others will. What do you guys think?

As for the book itself, it is called Demon of Lust. It’s about a demon, Xavier, who wants to leave the Underworld, and runs into Aden, an Angel of love. They fall for each other and everything comes apart as they try to save the world.


So I was talking with a friend last night about a new idea for a story with magic, with there being mages for the four ancient elements, but then there are specialties within each area. The cool thing is I then passed out and had a dream of the world I was just describing to my friend right before. I think a story inside me is trying to get out lol.