Childhood Books

After graduating from Buffalo State, I was kind of in a post-graduation book slump because I hated having to read for classes, and I just didn’t know what to read. Out of all the books I have yet to read in my collection, I remembered the two series I read when I was younger that made me love reading. It was between Harry Potter or The Seven Keys to the Kingdom series by Garth Nix. Both were an amazing part of my childhood and growth as a person, but I chose to re-read Mister Monday (first book in the Seven Keys to the Kingdom series.) Harry Potter may be a great series, but as a series I felt like the Seven Keys to the Kingdom is more interesting.

I finished the first book, and started the second book, Grim Tuesday, but I sadly got distracted. This sometimes happens to me when I’m reading and then another book starts to call my name, so I pick that one up. I blame Penny Dreadful. But seriously, I was reading a child’s book and then Frankenstein started yelling “HEY. READ ME.” So I did. I feel bad for those books I forget, but I will get back to them eventually. Even though I got off topic, I would totally suggest reading the Seven Keys to the Kingdom series, even as an adult. Do it!