Stories: The Path of Destinies, A Review

So I haven’t finished all of the stories in Stories: The Path of Destinies, but I have found all of the “Truths.” The game is interesting plot wise because it’s a choose your own adventure kind of plot, so after each major battle area, you get to choose where to go next. I think the game does this well, and actually helps with the different “Truth” endings. It’s actually really interesting to see all of the possible branches you can take and all of the outcomes you get with each change in the branch. I have found a couple where you actually die instead of getting one of the destiny endings, and the destiny endings are somewhat different from the “Truths.” The destiny endings come from a bunch of branch changing with one of the “Truth” characters: Lapine, Zenobia, the Skyripper and the Iblis stone. There are 24 endings all in all.

I love Reynardo. I love the weapons. But the fighting system just does not work for what the game tries to do, especially when there are more than three enemies to fight. The battles try to be fast paced, but the controls don’t react well enough to be more than just frustrating to be honest. You can dodge, but it takes up stamina, which they don’t show you the bars for. The dodging aspect can also be a bit finicky. You can get stuck on enemies sometimes, or even the environment. The character primarily gets stuck around the edge boundaries of the stages. The character literally stops moving and you need to move back from the edge boundary to start moving again.

These are probably the only problems I have with the game. The characters are well written. The narration is witty, albeit, kind of Portal/Borderlands rip-offish, but still pleasant to listen to. Even with the janky fights, the battles don’t feel forced, and using the different sword abilities are easy, albeit kind of useless. The different sword types are really just to open the specific elemental doors for said sword, and after you finish finding everything, there’s no point in going through them. Upgrading the swords don’t really help with the battles either, it’s more the abilities that help.

Through all of these, the pick your own adventure really makes Stories: The Path of Destinies a good game to play. One thing is each play through lasts about a half an hour and you can’t skip through the explaining what each choice you can make is. It gets repetitive. I liked playing up to the “true” ending, but I don’t think I would pay twenty dollars for it. I got the game through PlaySation Plus, and would definitely suggest getting it through the subscription, but if you have to pay for it, maybe wait until it’s on sale. It’s quick fun, but not really lasting. Have fun!

The Deadly Tower of Monsters

Oh. My. God. Just finished playing The Deadly Tower of MonstersĀ for the PS4 because it’s a free game from the PlayStation Plus free game of the month. It’s totally 70s styled, sci-fi movie with a director’s commentary on top of it all in the form of a game.

We take the helm as Dick Starspeed, you read that correctly, crash landing on the planet of Gravoria in your ship held up by strings. We begin with just a baton to fend for our lives from stop-motion animated dinosaurs. As you progress through the game, we meet Scarlet Nova, the daughter of the emperor of Gravoria, and Dick’s co-pilot Robot. Through these three characters, you will climb the deadly tower full of monsters, and find abilities and weapons to help with progressing passed monkeys, squids, acid spitting goo things, a giant gorilla, a mechanical chameleon with saws for hands, and a giant octopus.

Each of the weapons are unique, and as you upgrade them, shows a little of the thoughts that went into designing them. I personally loved the lightsaber, the sword, and the antenna. The director throughout will also talk about designing the sets, costumes, like why the Robot has two exhaust pipes I believe and humans need to releave themselves so just use your imagination, sound, and a very interesting twist at the end that I’ll leave for you to play.

I would also like to talk about the game design in itself. With the options menus, you can adjust the brightness of the screen, but also whether the screen acts like the old vhs with all the dirt spots and video breaks, or dvd which is into the digital age. I personally chose the vhs because it looked cool. In the sound, there is also a chance to change between vhs and dvd, but I couldn’t really tell the difference, even with headphones on.

Through fighting stop-motion dinosaurs, to free-falling through rings floating around the tower, The Deadly Tower of Monsters does not disappoint. If you love 50s-70s sci-fi movies, a little wonky fighting systems, and crazy creatures this game is the game for you. I personally loved it, especially the ending, just going to say they totally break the 4th wall, and I hope all of you who read this play the game. Right now it is free with PlayStation Plus until December 6th, on Steam for $15 for windows only, and anywhere else I have no idea. Even though the gameplay isn’t super long, the plot and everything else are worth it. I hope more games like this come out.

Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin

So, I’ve been splitting my time between Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin and writing, and I just have to say, I am both addicted and annoyed with DS2. Considering I’m playing a remake, you would think they would have updated at least some things with the game that are honestly careless to leave in. Having the hit boxes bigger on the enemy’s weapons as opposed to mine, does not make the game harder, but unfair. I shouldn’t have to stand under the boss in order to hit it, when the boss can hit me within thirty to zero feet of the boss. Another thing I have noticed is, except for the magic homing arrows, which in its name has homing in it, gigantic iron arrows cannot change direction mid-air, not even sorry, but that’s not how physics works, granted the one boss in the area can also change directions mid-air after it jumped to plunge its sword into you, so I guess they learned their arrow bending skills from the Smelter Demon. Something else that annoys me is the dodge rolling. What is the point if it doesn’t actually work? I shouldn’t have to level up one of my attributes, to make more invulnerability plains around me. I think the game, and the series in general is addicting because of how frustrating it is, but there are parts of the game that just should’ve been fixed.