The Feast

Klunk. “You’re father really said that?” Klink. Dralor deflected every advance from Ballkin. It’s like he wasn’t even trying. Dralor yawned as Balkin swung the sword in a wide arc again. “You really need to stop telegraphing your moves so wide. I can tell what you are going to do, before you even try it.” He sneered.

“Maybe someone should teach me then.” Balkin went in with his sword, but at the last second twisted and elbowed Dralor in the chest.

“Ow, not fair.” He laughed and rubbed his chest. “I thought we were going to play fair.” This time he actually parried Balkin and advanced with his own swing. Balkin barely held on as he was pushed back. Balkin pushed forward and moved to hit Dralor in the side. Dralor saw this and twisted around Balkin’s sword and stopped him with his sword at Balkin’s throat. “You need to be better my Prince.”

Balkin swallowed. “If it wasn’t you I was fighting, I’d have a better chance.” He smiled. As the sun began to set, a bell rang from inside the castle. Trumpets blared and the torches were lit. Balkin and Dralor ran inside to get ready.

As people filed into the courtyard and main hall, Balkin and Dralor got dressed. Balkin wore one of his finest vests, burgandy with black stripes, it wasn’t his favorite but Dralor was wearing his black with red stripes one. He wanted Dralor to look his best. They left and walked down the hall next to each other. As they entered the main hall, Balkin put his arm out for Dralor to hold onto. Dralor looked at him, and took his arm in his. They walked into the main hall toward the King.

The trumpets blared and the room all turned toward them. The shock flashed across their faces but then erupted into clapping. Balkin and Dralor sat down. The King remained standing. The nobles fell silent when the King raised his hand. “Welcome, welcome to the Grand Feast! Eat! Drink! Enjoy everything here!” The king grabbed his glass to drink some wine in a toast.

Balkin put his hand on Dralor’s knee, “What do you think? Sitting up here with us?” Balkin squeezed playfully.

“It’s nice, but I can see becoming drunk with these looks rather than the endless wine in my cup.” Dralor took the cup and drank.

“That’s part of the reason you’re here. I can’t keep my eyes off you.” Balkin leaned in to kiss Dralor.

The first course came out. The King watched as everyone ate and drank. He was happy with everything that had happened so far. Balkin has grown up to be the perfect son, and soon to be amazing knight for his kingdom. He watched as Balkin and Dralor watched the crowd, but couldn’t keep their eyes off each other. To be young and in love he thought. The main course came out and the King allowed himself to get his full. He raised his chalice to his lips when a scream came from the courtyard.