“Your majesty! The courtyard is in shambles. Most of the people escaped, but they’re–” ¬†Gah! The tip of a sword pierced the servant’s chest. Blood stained the clothes as he fell. Nobles screamed and tried to escape, but they could only go further in the castle. Bandits entered from the courtyard. They only killed those who were in their way. A shadow moved to Balkin’s right and a throwing knife cut through the air in front of him. It wasn’t aimed at him, it was going to hit Dralor. Time slowed down and Balkin reached out his hand. He felt a tingling flow from his heart down to his hand. He sensed the ground under Dralor and pushed up. The stones hit the chair and flipped Dralor onto his back; the knife narrowly missed him at the last second.

Balkin slid over to Dralor and grabbed him. They ran towards his room. There was a secret exit in his room that led to a set of tunnels on his family knew about.. Someone screamed and leapt towards them from the side. His father was there in a flash with sword raised to parry the attack.

“Go. You know where to go. Once you’re out go to the North. Your uncle will know something is up. As for now,” the King through the jeweled necklace he always wore to Balkin. He caught it and knew this was probably the last time he will ever see his father. Dralor pulled on his arm. They had to go. As they rounded the corner of the hall, Balkin heard a yell and a thud. He looked back and his father was on the ground. Bandits were coming to them, but anger filled his heart. Dralor tugged on him, but he stood his ground and put his hands up. The ceiling rumbled and cracked. Balkin brought the stones falling on the bandits and with one last bit of energy, pulled some of the stones into a wall. He stumbled and Dralor caught him. He was exhausted, but Dralor pulled him into his room and barred the door.

“Why are we in here.” Dralor looked to Balkin and stood next to the door to listen for anything.

“Under my bed, there’s a trapdoor to the tunnels. We can escape there.” Balkin couldn’t keep his eyes open.

“Then we need to grab some clothes and leave.” Dralor quickly gathered some of Balkin’s clothes, but also suggested he get in his clothes. Dralor and walk around in some underclothes, but balkin needed some kind of disguise. He helped Balkin get in his clothes, and put what they were wearing in the fireplace. Dralor moved the bed and pulled on the trapdoor. He beckoned Balkin to go first so he could make it look like nothing changed. When Balkin was through, he closed the door and moved the bed back over. It was going to be a squeeze, but Dralor crawled under the bed, pushed on the mattress a little to make some room, and slid into the opening. He clung onto the ladder as he fell down. He hoped they were gone before anyone found the entrance.


“I’m right here, come on.” Dralor found Balkin slumpt against the wall of the cave.

“I don’t have the energy to walk, whatever awakened in me took a lot of what I had. Balkin said and passed out. Dralor threw him over his shoulder and began walking through the tunnel. It came to an abrupt turn and he just kept walking. The tunnel came to a room with a bed. He placed Balkin down and tried to find a way out. A door opened and in came that servant that caught them earlier.

“Why are you here? Where did you come from?” Dralor went for his sword but forgot he was only wearing his underclothes. His face grew hot as th servant looked him over again.

“This is my house. I am Balkin’s second cousin from the King’s first wife. No one really remembers about us, but the King gave my family this house and kept us well taken care of in case something happened. We just heard. I am truly sorry. How is Balkin?” The servant stepped towards Balkin, but Dralor got in the way.

“He’s been through a lot, he needs his rest.” Dralor stared at the servant and kept himself in between him and Balkin.

“Stop worrying so much, I’ve been his servant for as long as I can remember, If I wanted to harm him, I could’ve used the trap door. Which reminds me, you did lock it didn’t you?” The teen looked a bit worried.

“We uh, we didn’t have a lot of time and it all happened kind of fast.” Dralor looked to the floor.

“Don’t worry about it, there are other,” the servant pushed on a beam at the entrance to the tunnel Dralor just came through. The beam fell and the tunnel collapsed. Balkin rolled over. “ways to protect us. I’m going to tell my parents you are safe.” He left.

“Thank you.” Dralor called and went back to Balkin. He looked so beautiful with his semi long hair draped around his face. He got into bed with Balkin and snuggled up behind him, holding him tight. “It’s going to be okay. We’re going to be okay.” He said as he dozed off next to his love.