Dark Souls 3: New Game +

I don’t know how many of you guys care about gaming or Dark Souls 3 for that matter, but I finished Dark Souls 3 and decided to try NG+. I did not expect to be completely op, but I’ll get to that in a moment. New game plus, for those of you who don’t know, can begin after you beat the main quest-line. It’s supposed to have a few new items, harder enemies, and maybe a few other surprises. I never got to it in Dark Souls 2, but I loved Dark Souls 3 so much, I wanted to play it again. (Also waiting for the dlc rumored to come out in September) So far, it’s actually been a little easier than my first time through. I leveled up my weapons, I use katanas and now the exile great sword, to the highest point. I have tried to save all the people I could that sell me things, and I’ve actually defeated most of the bosses on the first go. I have not tried Oceiros, the Champion (the bane of my existence,) or the Nameless King. I killed the Dancer early, don’t know how I was so lucky, and have had pretty good luck with every other boss except the easy ones. Vordt and the dragon slayer armor gave me the most trouble so far. They were rather annoying. NG+ seems to be really easy. It has been kind of fun killing all of the bosses in one go, especially Pontiff. I can’t wait for the DLC, and I will definitely be posting more on that. Have fun and keep playing!

Praise the Sun

The Daily Post

It’s interesting to look at and be in the community of Dark Souls. Yes there are some trouble makers, but all in all, people want to help each other. I’m a part of the sun covenant, and it’s really cool because it’s more of helping the other person out than fucking them over for your own sake. The color system has definitely become better because now you can tell between the helping people, white or gold markings, and the people who can possibly kill you like the purple signs. In DS2, covenants weren’t that useful or prevalent. I didn’t really like them. The summoning in 2 was also kind of shit compared to 3, but that’s probably because more people are playing 3 than 2 right now.

I’ve been playing with a friend from college with most of the boss fights, although a few I did on my own because we just died too many times and I was pissed and wanted the boss to die…i.e. the Dancer of the Boreal Valley. I also find it slightly easier with bosses alone, except for the bloody Pontiff, but I digress. Dark Souls 3 is a lot of fun, and actually a lot of fun with other people. The lag is a bit weird, especially with being invaded, but other than that, it’s a lot of fun, and the animations for both games are pretty hilarious.

Also, for a mini-rant. The Nameless King is complete bull shit. At least with the Champion Gundyr, you could parry him and actually defeat him with some difficulty, actually the second hardest fight I have had. The Nameless King is hard only because of circumstances out of your control. It’s almost like they took a note out of the DS2 boss book and made the hit box ridiculous, the aoe attacks ridiculous, and it’s a two-part battle. I haven’t even gotten to part two yet. My friend said I should summon some people, but I don’t even see the point when I’ll die in five seconds anyway. Oh, and the only weakness on the wyvern is its head, which is always moving above you and/or breathing fire so you die. It’s complete bull. Everyone says it’s the hardest battle in DS3, which I give credit to, but, it’s a good thing the battle is optional because it’s near impossible. I wouldn’t care if you had a chance, but there is none. It’s the luck of the draw.

Other than that. I am on my last boss, the Soul of Cinder, and I gave the Fire Keeper the eyes, so I’m going to check out that ending and get the achievement. Should be fun.

P.S. I know who The Nameless King is supposed to be, so fuck that. I’ll help my friend if I have to.

Dark Souls 3

My friend bought me Dark Souls 3, probably to make me shut up, and I love it. Everything that was wrong with Dark Souls 2, they fixed, and added in some of Bloodborne as well. The graphics are phenomenal. I watched videos talking about Bloodborne and Dark Souls, and I like their idea that Bloodborne is in a stage where the apocalypse is happening right now, rather than Dark Souls which has the architecture of post-apocalypse. Some fights are a little ridiculous, but they are so much better than in Dark Souls 2. The fighting mechanic actually works. The hit boxes are actually there for your character as well. Do you have any idea what it’s like to actually be able to hit a boss and not be right on its ass? My favorite so far is with the Abyss Watchers. The battle is fluid, long, and enjoyable. I actually first tried the battle with my friend, and saved him, because he was reckless. That’s the difference I think. Dark Souls 3 has a bit of Bloodborne in it, in which the battles are fair, but if you are greedy, it will bite you. Dark Souls 2 on the other hand, was unfair from the moment you pressed the start button. I’m only to the Catacombs of Carthus, but I know this game has more beauty to show me. I may write another review, once I have beaten it, but until then. Buy this game. Play this game. Once I get the money I will buy the season pass. I can’t wait to see what else they have in store.