Ronja: The Robber’s Daughter (First Thoughts)

Studio Ghibli and Amazon Prime have partnered up to bring an interesting new series to light called Ronja: The Robber’s Daughter. The scenic design is beautiful, as with any Ghibli production. I really like the forest and castle that we have seen so far. My slight problems so far are the voice acting and the mouths don’t seem quite in sync, and the character models seem to not fit in with the scenic art-style, but it could just be me.

This is very much a kids storyline, and I haven’t caught any adult themes as undertones, but I am only on episode 4. Things could turn at any moment. The Harpies are horrifying, but seem to be prophetic? The grey dwarves are cute little bird-like creatures that have human voices? It’s said they can see the fear in you, so I wonder if what they say are your fears they see. The other animals seem to be normal so far.

I’m only on episode 4 as I am writing this, and I can’t wait to see what this series has in stall. I think it’s interesting Studio Ghibli madeĀ a tv series, and with Prime no less. I hope it does become a bit more somber, but who knows. It’s definitely for kids.

How to Get Away With Murder

So I started watching How to Get Away With Murder on Netflix last fall, which was stupid thing to do because that meant I couldn’t keep up with the seasons on tv. That’s something I’ll blame CBS for, but this show is amazing. I have a friend that can’t follow the back and forth with the timelines, which I understand can be confusing for some, but I think the time jumps are done tastefully, and very well done for foreshadowing. The plot keeps you going, with national television I feel sorry for those people because you want one episode after another, but Netflix this also sucks because you just fly through a season and then it’s over and you are left needing more.

This is literally one of the only national television shows that makes me feel this. I watch American Horror Story religiously only because I have from the very beginning, and I like the plot, but it’s lost the shine it had a few season ago. The characters are well written, as the season goes on, we learn more about each of them, and then some in season two. (I also really like that you get little ques from the actors before the thing even happens, so it’s not like BAM lesbian action either.) (Sorry. Spoilers.) GOD! I need to finish season three and then wait. AGAIN. But if you can get passed the time jumps, which do serve a purpose, watch this show. I cannot say that enough. I love Viola Davis. I need Jack Falahee in my life. Watch the show! That is all

Penny Dreadful

So I just started watching Showtime’s Penny Dreadful and I would just like to say oh my god. I love the take on the old gothic novel characters like Dr. Frankenstein and Dorian Grey, but also the pace of the show in its entirety. I’m halfway through season one, and I love all of them, even if someone turns on the others, I wouldn’t care because we, as the audience, have come to love all of the characters, even Proteus, and wouldn’t care what they did. I can’t wait to watch more of this show, and I suggest, if you can get a hold of someone’s Showtime account, for everyone to watch Penny Dreadful as well. So much emotion, in such little time.