Killer Painting

Mark place the graveyard dirt, the bone of a black cat he received from a veterinarian, and a letter he wrote in his own blood in a little box. He grabbed the trowel from his back pocket to dig a little hole in the middle of the crossroads. He placed the box in and kicked the dirt over. Nothing happened. He at least expected a flash of lightning. Some kind of smoke coming out of the ground. Nothing. He kicked at the ground again and turned to go back to his car. A man stood, leaning against his car.

“I’ve been watching you. I wondered how long it would take for you to come here.” The man said.

“Just about enough times to get these scars.” Mark walked over to the man. He noticed the guy was gorgeous. “So no smoke and mirrors?” Marked asked. The guy smirked.

“What did you want? A crash, a boom, something dramatic? We’re passed that nowadays.” The demon chuckled. “So is this what you really want?” The contract Mark wrote appeared in the demon’s hand.

“I think so. I don’t want to be the most famous artist, but at least get my name out there. I want to be known around the world.”

“Be careful what you wish for.”

“I know, I know, ‘Every wish comes with a price.’ I think I’ll manage.” Mark stared at the demon. He couldn’t keep his eyes off him.

“As you wish.” The demon grabbed Mark and pulled him in for a kiss. As they kissed something clicked inside Mark’s mind. The guy’s hand snaked its way down to his ass and he groped Mark. Mark broke the kiss and looked at the demon. He wasn’t there. Mark looked around, but there was no sign of the guy. He could still feel where the hand was on his ass. He didn’t understand what just happened, but he got in his car and drove back to his apartment.

Paintings lined the entryway from his front door. He walked passed the kitchen, which was the only room that didn’t have any paintings because he was afraid of a fire. He went into his bedroom and flopped onto his bed. It was so soft. His only self portrait was staring at him from the side of the room. He looked at it but something was wrong. The portrait was smiling at him. He swore he could feel the eyes boring into him as sleep overtook him body.

Boom. Boom. Boom.

“Hmm. What?” Mark woke up to the banging. He groggily got up to check his door. He looked through the peephole. No one was there. Mark shrugged and went to make coffee. As the coffee maker gurgled, Mark’s cellphone rang. He looked at the number, but it was something from downtown.


“Hi, is this Mark Smith?” A lady said.

“Yes this is him.”

“Ah, good, I’m an assistant to Miss. Freller. She’s the director of the X-Z Art Gallery.”

“Okay.” Mark started to chew his

“We have a small area in our gallery, and your application was the next in our list. When can you come in?”

“With my art?” Mark asked incredulous.

“Yes, if you can’t come soon, we will call someone else.”

“No, no, that’s okay. I can be there later today or tomorrow. How many do you need?”

“We have a fourteen foot by ten foot wall space for paintings. Hopefully we will see you later.”

“You definitely will, thank you so much.” Mark said and hung up the phone. He punched the air in his excitement. He couldn’t believe what he just heard. Was he dreaming? Mark got around and packed his car with some paintings. He knew exactly what he was going to do. He stopped in front of X-Z Art Gallery and figured out where his space was. In a blur, he was finished and somehow his portrait was in the middle of his exhibit.

“Beautiful. Just beautiful.”

“Thank you.” Mark was elated. He didn’t know why he put his portrait in the exhibit, but it was there. As he left, he thought he heard someone scream.

A week went by and he went back to the art gallery. People were crowded around his exhibit, but he noticed his central point, his portrait, was covered with a white sheet. “Um, excuse me. Why is my portrait covered.”

“Hi Mr. Smith, I’m sorry no one called you but Miss. Freller’s assistant can’t be found. The last someone heard was her screaming and running out of the gallery. They couldn’t figure out why. We thought you had put the sheet on, but maybe it was her. I’m very sorry, we will take it off immediately.” The woman said and put a memo into the computer to fix it during closing.

“Thank you.” Mark left the art gallery and drove back to his apartment. As the days went by, no one called him, but something was odd on the news one night. A sudden increase in suicides has apparently hit the city. One of the first was the girl from the art gallery. Something felt off.

The next day he called the gallery to see if everything was okay. They told him to come down and look what had happened. He drove down and practically ran inside. Someone had broken into the gallery and killed themselves in his exhibit. In blood under his portrait were the words “Thank you for the release.”

The cops didn’t understand what was happening, but he was asked to remove his paintings. He agreed. Mark took his paintings back and once again fell asleep on his bed facing his portrait. He felt like it was staring at him. Sometime in the night, a sharp pain woke him. “Ahhhhhhhh! What are you doing?” Mark yelled and held the bleeding wound. He couldn’t see his attacker, but his portrait was gone.

“Do you know what they’re saying?” A voice, his voice? Said from the end of his bed.

“What? Who are you?” Another blinding pain seared his leg.

“They think you somehow killed those people. Magically making it look like a suicide. The last girl was the final nail in the coffin, so to speak.” The person smiled, at least he thought it did.

“But I didn’t kill anyone.” Mark slurred. The loss of blood was getting to him.

“No, but I did.” The person lunged at him. The last thin Mark saw was his own eyes staring at him as his throat was ripped open.

What Can You Do?

“What are you doing? Don’t you know that will bring them to us?” Jasmine ran over to Blake.

“What will bring who to us?” Blake froze. He wasn’t doing anything, just thinking about the leaves swirling in a tornado, but they fell as soon as Jasmine yelled.

“You know what I’m talking about.” Jasmine pointed to the pile of leaves. She looked at him expectantly.

“I seriously don’t know what you are talking about.” Blake stared at her defensively. He was just minding his own business until Jasmine freaked out. She stepped closer to him.

“You know damn well what I’m talking about. Magic was forbidden in the US three decades ago. Didn’t your family tell you?” Jasmine looked incredulous, but a bit angry. She didn’t want to get caught because of this kid. “If the magic you do is strong enough, they will see it and come here.”

“Oh I didn’t know, I was just playing with the leaves. I lost my family a few years ago. They never told me anything. I’ve been living on my own ever since.” Blake looked at the ground. He wasn’t sure what it was, but he felt something watching them. “I don’t mean to alarm you, but I think someone is watching us.” Blake stared into Jasmine’s eyes.

She let go with her senses and felt something too. How did he feels something before her? “We need to leave. Now.” Jasmine grabbed on Blake’s arm.

“Where do you suggest we go?” Blake blushed at the contact.

“Through here.” Jasmine tapped on the brick wall with a key next to them. The bricks faded away and Jasmine pulled him through. When he looked back, the passage was closed. Vines grew over the wall they just came through.

“Won’t they follow us?” Blake asked and looked behind them as they ran down a tunnel with torches every so often.

“Nope, this is an obscure tunnel. It connects an area to wherever you think when you touch a wall with an item like my key. It’s kind of underground and totally illegal in most places, but when you are a part of the resistance.” Jasmine continued to pull Blake along. He couldn’t believe what was happening to him.

“Is that where we are going? To the resistance?”

“Yes. I think there is more to you than even you know. You may be the key piece we’ve been looking for.” She smiled at him. She couldn’t believe that the resistance might hang on just because of this kid, well, teenager, but still. Luck was on her side this much at least.

“What if I don’t want to join the resistance. I mean, I only just figured out I could do some kind of magic, what use could I be?”

“With a little training, I think there is no limit to what you can do. Just wait and see what the elders have to say.” Jasmine slowed down as they reached a giant oak door. She knocked three times and it swung open. “Welcome to the resistance.”

The Daily Post


“So uh, don’t be weirded out when we get to my house okay? My parents are, a little different.” Dave told his best friend Stan. He figured now that they were a little older, Stan wouldn’t necessarily care. Dave drove up to his house and parked out front. Stan and him got out and went to the front door. Dave unlocked the door and invited Stan inside. There was a little room right inside the door and Dave began to strip.

“What are you doing?” Stan was stunned. He had wanted to see Dave in the buff since raging hormones had taken over his night, but he wasn’t expecting this to happen so fast.

“I told you my parents were different.” Dave turned around and pulled his underwear down. Stan blushed and looked away hoping Dave hadn’t caught him staring. “They’re naturalists.” Dave said and went to the next door. Dave never really talked about how his family was, he was beginning to understand why. Stan wasn’t super self-conscious, but he was just worried what would happen when he saw Dave again…naked. “You can walk around in your underwear if you want, but it’s kind of exhilarating being in the buff, especially when you’ve been in clothes all day.” Dave called from further inside.

“Fuck it.” Stan slipped his boxer briefs down to his ankles. He flicked them up with his foot and caught it to put it with the rest of his clothes. He tried to will manhood down, but Dave opened the door and Stan finally saw the front of Dave. He tried to cover himself up, but Dave was staring too. At Stan.

“I was wondering what was taking you so long, don’t worry, it happens to all of us.” Dave grabbed onto Stan’s hand and pulled him in the house. “Come on. Now you’re like the rest of us.” Dave slapped him on the butt and walked to the living room. Stan looked at the staircase that climbed up the wall on his right, but a noise from the television grabbed his attention. He followed Dave’s path into the living room. He looked for a seat a bit away from Dave so he wouldn’t get excited or anything, but Dave’s older brother Chuck was home too.

Both boys were just nonchalantly watching tv in the nude. It was so weird for Stan, but he just calmed his nerves as best he could and sat between Dave and Chuck. There was only the couch. He didn’t know what to do. He could feel Dave’s leg on his left and Chuck’s leg on his right. Stan tried to concentrate on the tv, but the heat and contact was getting the better of him. He couldn’t stay down.

“Damn, no wonder why you hang out with this guy Dave.” Chuck laughed and went back to watching  the show. Stan looked at Dave who’s face was beet red. Stan placed his hand on Dave’s thigh.

“It’s okay.” Stan said. “You’re my best friend. And it’s not like I haven’t thought of those things too.” Stan chuckled and moved his hand higher up Dave’s thigh. Dave looked like he was going to pass out from the touch.

“Should I leave?” Chuck went to get up.

“No.” Stan placed his right hand on Chuck’s thigh. “You should stay.” Stan winked and kissed Dave.

“Might as well stay in the family.” Chuck chuckled.

The Daily Post

May I Come In?


“I told you you can’t come in. Now leave.” I yell at the window. This is the second night in a row this bitch won’t go away. Last night it was on the windows on the front of the house and now it’s banging on the windows on the right side of my house. Thank god I warded my house recently. Maybe that’s why I’m just now feeling this.




You know, just because I can’t hear or see you, doesn’t mean I can’t feel you banging against my house. Now go away. This is my house. I pointed at the windows and threw my energy like a spear. The left shoulder eased. It always tenses when something is near. My left arm even tingles with electricity depending on how strong the being is. With whatever it was now gone, sleep takes over again.

It was fuzzy, but I could tell I was in a dream. I felt a coolness on my back and a slight pressure. It was like someone was hugging me while I was laying down. It also felt like I was being hugged by static from the tv. It felt so weird. I think I could faintly hear whatever it was that hugged me, but I couldn’t make out the words.


Was it all a dream? Or did someone actually come into my room last night and hug me? I look at my phone and something odd was laying next to it. It was the prayer card I received at my grandfather’s funeral a couple years ago. I check my phone. Two years exactly. It can’t be. I haven’t seen this in forever.

Did my grandfather hug me last night?

The Daily Post


It had been a long day, but Jake had a few things left to do. He left school and remembered the steps it took to get to Trevor’s car. It was Trevor’s turn to drive him home. He hoped Trevor parked in the same spot he told him to park. When he reached step 45, Jake bumped into the car. “Thanks.” Jake said.

“Who were you saying that to?” Trevor asked as he stepped up to his car. Jake had beat him, even though he forgot to park in the right spot.

“Oh no one in particular, just saying thanks in case you were here.” Jake rubbed the back of his neck kind of nervously.

“Okay, well let’s get going.” Trevor grabbed onto Jake’s arm and lead him to the passenger side and opened the door.

“Thank you.” Jake said and felt his way inside. Trevor closed the door and walked around to get in himself. He started the car and drove to Jake’s house. As they approached the stop sign before his house, Trevor was going to roll through the stop sign, but they didn’t see the person not slowing down, but running the stop sign. “Wait!” Jake yelled. Trevor slammed on the brakes with just enough room for the bad driver to speed passed them.

“Did you?” Trevor began but Jake cut him off.

“I just felt you slowly rolling through the stop sign. Did something happen?” Jake seemed a bit ruffled, but Trevor took it as nothing.

“Yeah, a guy almost ran into us because he ran his stop sign.” He squinted at Jake.

“That’s what that noise was? Good thing I told you to wait huh?” Jake smiled. Trevor couldn’t put his finger on it, but there was something going on with Jake. He swore Jake knew that madman was going to run the stop sign, but how?

“Come on, we’re almost there.” Jake just wanted to be home. Trevor began driving again and into the driveway of Jake’s house. He stopped on the right side of the driveway this time instead of the left. It would take 28 steps for Jake to reach the front door. “28, thank you.” Jake smiled and opened the door.

“28 what?” Trevor asked but Jake slammed the door in his face. He watched Jake unlock and enter the door. He left with more questions than he expected about Jake.

“Hello? Is anyone home?” Jake called out but no one responded. His mother was buying groceries and his father wasn’t out of work yet. “No one’s home? Cool. I always thought you were an imaginary friend, but lately, I’m not so sure.” Jake said into the open air. He didn’t know that even though he was blind, I had been with him his whole life.

“You know things about me no one else does. Maybe even more than I do.” Jake’s face grew red.  He wondered just how much I knew. He wondered if I watched what he did in his bed at night before going to bed. I didn’t watch, but I still knew.

“Well, at least someone understands me.” Jake said and went to his bedroom. He had memorized the path from the front door, but still felt the wall as he climbed the stairs. He loved the textures of the wall as he went up. Jake threw his bag on his floor and closed the door. He just wanted to nap and let darkness calm his mind.

The Daily Post


“Hello mother, father, how are you doing today? Same as usual I see? Good. Please don’t make a mess today, I had to clean up after you yesterday father, it wasn’t pretty. Time for school. See you at three.” Ren left the house to get on the school bus. He hoped his parents turned out better than their dog. Scruffy was such a good boy, but he made such a mess.

The day went by as usual. He got a report card this time, straight A’s except for an A- in PE. “I believe Mr. Jefferson needs a visit some time.” The final bell rang and Ren ran to his locker to gather his things. He hoped his mother and father were doing well while he was gone. He stepped on the bus and waited as other students filed on. No one sat next to him, which left him all the same. He was used to being alone. His house was the last on the route so he always sat in the back. When they finally reached his house, the bus stopped and he stepped off and skipped to the front door. He knocked but no one answered.

Ren produced the key from his pocket and with a click, the front door opened. “I’m home!” He called. “Mother? Father? Still silent I see. If you had listened to me in the first place, we wouldn’t be in this predicament.” Ren walked passed the livingroom where everything was covered in gold. He had been obsessed with it since he was a toddler. The shine. The color. He loved everything about the metal, even the little marks you make on it when you bite the smooth material. On the mantel was a gold statue of scruffy. He finally stopped making a mess.

“Mother.  Father. I got my report card today. I got straight A’s except in PE. I think Mr. Jefferson needs a talking to. What do you think?” Ren walked passed his parents to the fridge to grab a soda. “You don’t mind mother if I drink this before dinner right? No? Cool. Thanks.” He walked back passed his parents but stepped in something sticky and stopped. “Alright. Which one of you did it?” He looked at his mother and father. Ren saw a line of red dripping from his mother’s elbow. “Mother, I thought I told you no messes. But I guess it is your turn.” Ren grabbed some paper towels and cleaned up the mess on the floor. He was sad that his mother did it too. Maybe next time he’ll get it perfect he thought as he threw the last paper towel in the trash. Ren got up and patted his father on the shoulder. “Until dinner.” Ren walked into the livingroom and turned on the TV. He found his favorite show.

His parents didn’t join him. They couldn’t anymore. They sat there. Stuck in the kitchen. They were stuck at the kitchen table until someone found them and took them away. They were frozen in time. Frozen as glistening golden statues. They promised they would be with Ren forever, and now they can be. In his perfect golden world.

The Daily Post


“Your majesty! The courtyard is in shambles. Most of the people escaped, but they’re–”  Gah! The tip of a sword pierced the servant’s chest. Blood stained the clothes as he fell. Nobles screamed and tried to escape, but they could only go further in the castle. Bandits entered from the courtyard. They only killed those who were in their way. A shadow moved to Balkin’s right and a throwing knife cut through the air in front of him. It wasn’t aimed at him, it was going to hit Dralor. Time slowed down and Balkin reached out his hand. He felt a tingling flow from his heart down to his hand. He sensed the ground under Dralor and pushed up. The stones hit the chair and flipped Dralor onto his back; the knife narrowly missed him at the last second.

Balkin slid over to Dralor and grabbed him. They ran towards his room. There was a secret exit in his room that led to a set of tunnels on his family knew about.. Someone screamed and leapt towards them from the side. His father was there in a flash with sword raised to parry the attack.

“Go. You know where to go. Once you’re out go to the North. Your uncle will know something is up. As for now,” the King through the jeweled necklace he always wore to Balkin. He caught it and knew this was probably the last time he will ever see his father. Dralor pulled on his arm. They had to go. As they rounded the corner of the hall, Balkin heard a yell and a thud. He looked back and his father was on the ground. Bandits were coming to them, but anger filled his heart. Dralor tugged on him, but he stood his ground and put his hands up. The ceiling rumbled and cracked. Balkin brought the stones falling on the bandits and with one last bit of energy, pulled some of the stones into a wall. He stumbled and Dralor caught him. He was exhausted, but Dralor pulled him into his room and barred the door.

“Why are we in here.” Dralor looked to Balkin and stood next to the door to listen for anything.

“Under my bed, there’s a trapdoor to the tunnels. We can escape there.” Balkin couldn’t keep his eyes open.

“Then we need to grab some clothes and leave.” Dralor quickly gathered some of Balkin’s clothes, but also suggested he get in his clothes. Dralor and walk around in some underclothes, but balkin needed some kind of disguise. He helped Balkin get in his clothes, and put what they were wearing in the fireplace. Dralor moved the bed and pulled on the trapdoor. He beckoned Balkin to go first so he could make it look like nothing changed. When Balkin was through, he closed the door and moved the bed back over. It was going to be a squeeze, but Dralor crawled under the bed, pushed on the mattress a little to make some room, and slid into the opening. He clung onto the ladder as he fell down. He hoped they were gone before anyone found the entrance.


“I’m right here, come on.” Dralor found Balkin slumpt against the wall of the cave.

“I don’t have the energy to walk, whatever awakened in me took a lot of what I had. Balkin said and passed out. Dralor threw him over his shoulder and began walking through the tunnel. It came to an abrupt turn and he just kept walking. The tunnel came to a room with a bed. He placed Balkin down and tried to find a way out. A door opened and in came that servant that caught them earlier.

“Why are you here? Where did you come from?” Dralor went for his sword but forgot he was only wearing his underclothes. His face grew hot as th servant looked him over again.

“This is my house. I am Balkin’s second cousin from the King’s first wife. No one really remembers about us, but the King gave my family this house and kept us well taken care of in case something happened. We just heard. I am truly sorry. How is Balkin?” The servant stepped towards Balkin, but Dralor got in the way.

“He’s been through a lot, he needs his rest.” Dralor stared at the servant and kept himself in between him and Balkin.

“Stop worrying so much, I’ve been his servant for as long as I can remember, If I wanted to harm him, I could’ve used the trap door. Which reminds me, you did lock it didn’t you?” The teen looked a bit worried.

“We uh, we didn’t have a lot of time and it all happened kind of fast.” Dralor looked to the floor.

“Don’t worry about it, there are other,” the servant pushed on a beam at the entrance to the tunnel Dralor just came through. The beam fell and the tunnel collapsed. Balkin rolled over. “ways to protect us. I’m going to tell my parents you are safe.” He left.

“Thank you.” Dralor called and went back to Balkin. He looked so beautiful with his semi long hair draped around his face. He got into bed with Balkin and snuggled up behind him, holding him tight. “It’s going to be okay. We’re going to be okay.” He said as he dozed off next to his love.



The Feast

Klunk. “You’re father really said that?” Klink. Dralor deflected every advance from Ballkin. It’s like he wasn’t even trying. Dralor yawned as Balkin swung the sword in a wide arc again. “You really need to stop telegraphing your moves so wide. I can tell what you are going to do, before you even try it.” He sneered.

“Maybe someone should teach me then.” Balkin went in with his sword, but at the last second twisted and elbowed Dralor in the chest.

“Ow, not fair.” He laughed and rubbed his chest. “I thought we were going to play fair.” This time he actually parried Balkin and advanced with his own swing. Balkin barely held on as he was pushed back. Balkin pushed forward and moved to hit Dralor in the side. Dralor saw this and twisted around Balkin’s sword and stopped him with his sword at Balkin’s throat. “You need to be better my Prince.”

Balkin swallowed. “If it wasn’t you I was fighting, I’d have a better chance.” He smiled. As the sun began to set, a bell rang from inside the castle. Trumpets blared and the torches were lit. Balkin and Dralor ran inside to get ready.

As people filed into the courtyard and main hall, Balkin and Dralor got dressed. Balkin wore one of his finest vests, burgandy with black stripes, it wasn’t his favorite but Dralor was wearing his black with red stripes one. He wanted Dralor to look his best. They left and walked down the hall next to each other. As they entered the main hall, Balkin put his arm out for Dralor to hold onto. Dralor looked at him, and took his arm in his. They walked into the main hall toward the King.

The trumpets blared and the room all turned toward them. The shock flashed across their faces but then erupted into clapping. Balkin and Dralor sat down. The King remained standing. The nobles fell silent when the King raised his hand. “Welcome, welcome to the Grand Feast! Eat! Drink! Enjoy everything here!” The king grabbed his glass to drink some wine in a toast.

Balkin put his hand on Dralor’s knee, “What do you think? Sitting up here with us?” Balkin squeezed playfully.

“It’s nice, but I can see becoming drunk with these looks rather than the endless wine in my cup.” Dralor took the cup and drank.

“That’s part of the reason you’re here. I can’t keep my eyes off you.” Balkin leaned in to kiss Dralor.

The first course came out. The King watched as everyone ate and drank. He was happy with everything that had happened so far. Balkin has grown up to be the perfect son, and soon to be amazing knight for his kingdom. He watched as Balkin and Dralor watched the crowd, but couldn’t keep their eyes off each other. To be young and in love he thought. The main course came out and the King allowed himself to get his full. He raised his chalice to his lips when a scream came from the courtyard.


Caught by the Servant

Knock knock knock. “Master Balkin, oh, I am sorry your majesty,” the servant looked at both Balkin and Dralor’s state of undress and blushed, “Your father calls for you. The King wants to make sure everything is to your liking tonight.” The servant tried not to stare at both Balkin and Dralor’s nakedness but failed. Balkin looked at Dralor, then back at the servant and winked.

“Thank you, that will be all.” Balkin said and placed his hand on Dralor’s thigh. The servant blushed, bowed, and left, closing the door behind him. Balkin’s face lit up with laughter.

“Well if your father and everyone in the castle didn’t know before, I’m sure they will soon.” Dralor put his hand on Balkin’s face and pulled him in for a kiss.

“What can I say? I see something I want and I take it.” He smiled.

“Like your servant?” Dralor sneered.

“I saw how you were looking at him too. You can’t tell me you weren’t undressing him with your eyes. I remember that look very fondly.” Balkin straddled Dralor.

“And when, may I ask, did I ever give you the look?” Dralor ground his pelvis on Balkin’s ass.

“Well right now for one,” Mmm, Balkin closed his eyes as Dralor continued to move under him, “and when I was beating you in the jousting.”

Uhn. “You need to see your father.” Dralor moved his hips up quickly.

“Oh ho ho, really? Should I call him here? See his precious son in such a–” Dralor slowly slipped into Balkin. uhn “yes, compromising position.” Balkin wrapped his arms around Dralor and kissed him.

“Ha. You’d. Like. That. Wouldn’t. You.” Dralor emphasized each word with a thrust. Balkin cried out. “Guess we’re done being quiet?” He looked into Balkin’s eyes.

“Keep hitting that spot and everyone in the kingdom will know.”

“Right there?” Dralor smiled.

“Yes.” Balkin moaned.

Knock knock knock.

“Just a minute.” Dralor called out.

“I told you to come down to check out the main hall ages ago. You can have a romp after.” The King yelled through the door. “And you’ve embarrassed the poor servant as well.”

“I’m coming soon father, I’ll meet you there.” Balkin smiled down at Dralor.

“You better.” The King walked back to the main hall, shaking his head.

“You should do as he says.”

“Well if you finished, I could.”

Unh. “Sorry.” Dralor thrusted in faster.

“Oh god.” Balkin and Dralor moaned at the same time. As Dralor finished, Balkin slid off him and tried to stand up to put his pants on. His legs wouldn’t stop wobbling.

“See what you’ve done to me?” He tried to walk but his legs kept shaking.

“Hey, you were on top the whole time. It’s not my fault, work on those thighs more.” Dralor winked and fell back on the bed. Faint snoring could be heard as Balkin left his room. His heart was thumping like a drum at one of his father’s season rituals. He practically ran to the main hall to see his father.

“I see someone is happy, or drunk from too much sex.” His father laughed. To be young and bold again he thought.

“Maybe a little of both. Who knows.” Balkin snickered. “So the feast? What do we have planned?” He stopped next to his father.

“One of the biggest yet. Summer has just reared its head, so the people can eat and drink outside. I figured the nobles would like to sit in here, with us, and we could have some players singing, dancing, playing the best songs around the kingdoms. What do you think?” He placed his arm around the shoulders of his son.

“I love it! Also, thank you for allowing Dralor to come. It really means–”

“Don’t worry about it Balkin. I could see something growing between you during your tournaments. We’ll talk about housing later.” He looked down to Balkin and winked. His son shivered and looked like he was going to cry.

“Thank you.” Balkin choked.

“Hey, don’t worry about it. Let’s have the greatest feast this kingdom has ever known!” He bellowed and grabbed his son into a hug. He kissed Balkin’s forehead and roughed his hair. “I need you happy if you will one day run this old castle.”

“No talking of that kind. Like you said, let’s just have the best feast we’ve ever had.” He hugged his father and broke away. What Dralor said about his father catching them in the act popped into his head and he blushed and turned away.

“The feast is a couple of hours away, grab Dralor and train outside or something. You need more training with your sword than just in the bedroom.” The King slapped his son on the back. You’ll know when the feast has begun.

Balkin looked at his father, whole face burning. “We will.” He ran to get Dralor.

“Who knows, maybe this will be good for the kingdom. It’ll definitely be a change at least.” He chuckled and continued to give directions to people running around the castle for tonight. Out of everyone, Dralor was the best swordsman at least. His son will forever be protected the king thought, even when his time is done.



A Suitor

“Father, is this really necessary? I’m not in the mood for a feast.”

“I know you’re not, but you just finished training to be a knight, so some celebration is in order. If not for you, then at least to appease the people.” His father smiled.

“At this rate they will want a feast with every little thing.” Balkin pouted. He just wanted to be by himself tonight and sneak out to his best friend Dralor.

“Who knows son, but even so, you being a knight soon means you need to start looking for a wife.” The King looked to Balkin. By now he had at least been talking to Balkin’s mother, but he hasn’t even seen his son interact with any girl. All he did was hang out with his best friend. He didn’t know what to do.

“Not again father. I’ve been looking around, I just don’t see anyone that interests me.” He doesn’t look at his father as he says this. Balkin has looked around, but no one in the castle has caught his attention. All he can think about is Dralor.

“You mean no one but Dralor.”


“I know that’s who you want to hang out with tonight. He can come.” The King looked at his son and smiled. Balkin looked at his father and felt his heart catch fire. Adrenaline pumped through his body.

“Really? Then let the festives begin!” He yelled and ran to grab Dralor. Balkin couldn’t believe the King had allowed Dralor to come to the feast tonight. Dralor and Balkin had gone through the knighting at the same time, sometimes at each other’s throats, but with healthy competition came, some strong entangled them.

Dralor came from a long line of knights. His father trained him from a young age to be the best to be picked by a fellow knight. Balkin was a Prince, so it was customary to become a knight in his father’s army. Through different trials and some jousting, Balkin and Dralor learned every inch of each other’s bodies. They were both chosen to become knights and couldn’t wait to hopefully work in the same area.

Balkin found Dralor at a pub in the castle town, doing his own celebration. “Starting early I see.” Balkin slapped his shoulder and left his hand there. Dralor looked at the hand and smiled.

“Might as well, my dad was sent out and he’s all I have anymore.” Dralor put his hand on Balkin’s. “Sit down at least.” He pointed at the stool next to him.

“Father is having a feast.”

“Good for you. Have fun.” Dralor looked down at his drink; he moved his hand to the bar.

“Oh stop pouting. You’re invited.” Balkin looked at Dralor’s face.

Dralor’s hand twitched. “Are you serious?” He looked at Balkin, he could see the smile spread across his face.

“Dead serious.” He reached for Dralor’s hand, emboldened by the implications of his father’s invitation. “You will come, won’t you?”

“Well I was hoping to feast on something for you anyways, I guess I should come to the celebration, and have my main course after.” He finished his drink and left some money. Balkin grabbed his hand and dragged him out of the pub. They walked through the gates of the castle and up to Balkin’s room. “Why are we here.”

“I’m tired.” He says and pushed Dralor onto the bed. Balkin unbuttoned his shirt and threw it to the side. He untied his pants and crawled on top of Dralor.

“I thought you were tired.” He said as Balkin crawled on top of him, rubbing his inner thighs and groping him as Balkin gets to his face and kisses him.

“I am.” Balkin said in between kissing Dralor. “But I want my main course.” He kisses Dralor’s jaw and down his body. “Before the feast.” Balkin stopped at Dralor’s groin. He kissed the outline of Dralor through the fabric. Balkin hooked his fingers on the rim of Dralor’s pants and pulled them down. “I think this is a good snack.” Balkin licked Dralor.

“Don’t stop.” Dralor moved his hand through Balkin’s hair. Balkin took Dralor fully and wouldn’t stop until he got his snack. “Balkin.” Dralor hissed. He ruffled Balkin’s hair and pulled him off. “Kiss me.” Balkin inched up Dralor’s body. As he kissed him, Dralor touched Balkin. “I think it’s time for my snack.”