I know that time is a thing,

But does it have to be?

Nothing else devides the days,

We created it.


I’ve been gone,

And that is sad,

but I’m coming back,

Once the shit is gone.


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, A Review

So I’ve been playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and I have to say I am completely addicted. The art style is beautiful, and for reference I am playing this on the Wii U. I love the music and the new takes on some of the old songs, like Epona’s song that Kass plays on his accordion sometimes when you find him. The weapons were interesting, but I’m still on the fence about them breaking all the time. I also really liked the story and all of the champions and what they added to the story.

From watching the trailers, I was very wary about the new changes, the stamina bar because we all know how well that went in Skyward Sword, the breakable weapons and shields, and other things that are minor in return. I didn’t pre-order it, I watch Youtubers and people on Twitch and I knew they were going to lay it, so I stayed back in wait to see at least the first few minutes of it. I was hooked. I watched The Demodcracy on Twitch at midnight on Thursday and immediately wanted to buy it on Friday. If you were second guessing, I suggest watching someone play it.

I’m not going to say much about the plot, it’s your typical, Ganon is about to break free, defeat these four dungeons, and then defeat Ganon. I liked searching the different landscapes for the towers to bring up the maps of the areas. Finding the Master Sword was easy, but who would’ve known you needed 13 hearts to pull it out. I also found all 120 shrines, but about half I needed to use a guide for. But, I still spent 10 minutes on some even knowing where they were, or with the challenges to get into some of them. I’m really glad I did find them all because it was nice having 2.5 stamina circles and 30 hearts going into the final battle.

Now, other than the weapons breaking, I think my biggest problem with this game is the drop in frame rates. I don’t know what it is about a battle with more than two enemies, but on the Wii U, there is a huge drop in frame rate in battles. The bosses are usually fine, when I fought Ganon and he was using all of his mini goop boss weapons at the same time, no drops, but as soon as two Bokoblins or anything joins the fight, it drops. This is one thing I find to be kind of pathetic. It can load in the entire world, but can’t handle a battle?

Other than that, Breath of the Wild is amazing. The korok seeds are a little meh, they aren’t hard to find, but I guess there are over 700 of them or something? I don’t know, that’s just a thing I saw online. The shrines were pretty cool, but some are just ridiculous to find. I love the clothing though. Until the last boss, and during the certain areas where you need certain clothing to survive, I am probably always in the Sheikah stealth clothing. I upgraded it to the second level so I can move faster at night too. I would also suggest getting the Ancient armor set because it greatly helps with Hyrule Castle and kind of Ganon’s fight.

All in all, this is a really good game. I love it, played it for 2 weeks straight. I don’t know how I feel about the Master Sword, but that’s up for you guys to decide. There aren’t as many temples as Ocarina of Time or Wind Waker, but I think the story runs well with it. I loved Mipha and Urbosa, Daruk isn’t horrible, kind of just there, but I hate Revali. He was so jealous of you that he is just an asshole even in death. I think he was the only champion I didn’t like.

Get this game. If you have a Wii U, just get it for the Wii U, it’s not that much better on the Switch from what I’ve heard. I loved it, so hopefully so will you. Have fun!

A Cure for Wellness: A Review

After watching A Cure for Wellness for the second time, I have a few questions. The first time watching the movie, I feel like the weirdness and the craziness of A Cure for Wellness makes you overlook the questions that are brought up in the beginning of the film. For this review, I’m going to put a SPOILER WARNING in case anyone wants to actually see the movie.

The first thing we see is a man named Miller dying from a heart attack. He’s mentioned a couple of times after it, then his narrative is done. It would’ve been better to just open with the main character, Lockhart, putting his things in the new corner office. Another thing from the beginning is when the board calls Lockhart in for a meeting, and Lockhart had done something to create an investigation into the firm, we don’t know what he did other than the fact it was amateur, but it’s kind of just left there. They don’t explain anything, and just use it as a flash factor for one of the board members to ask Lockhart if “he’s ever had a twelve-inch black dick in his ass. Jail.” I feel like that was the whole reason for bringing up the “investigation” into something we don’t know about.

Lockhart reads the letter from the CEO I believe of the company and leaves for the resort/sanitarium in Switzerland. As he’s on the train for the sanitarium, we get a flashpremonition. That’s a flashback/premonition combo. His mother died and we see flashes of a painting on fire, eels, I think bodies in tanks and a girl. As Lockhart leaves the train and takes a car up to the sanitarium, we learn a few things about the background of the castle the sanitarium is built on. We get these facts intermittently throughout the movie, it ads more weirdness to the plot overall.

In the 1800s, there was a Baron that lived in the castle on the hill. He was obsessed with the purity of his bloodline, so he married his sister and renounced the church. His sister was infertile, but the baron found something odd in the water. The eels had some kind of healing properties, so the baron tried to create a “cure” from them and experimented on the peasants. He figured out how to dilute the “cure” so it didn’t kill people when they took it, but in the process, the people experimented on became dried up like mummies. With the cure refined, the sister was finally able to bear a child, but the peasants revolted. They burned down the castle and carried the sister away. They cut out the baby before burning the sister and throwing the baby in the aquifer under the castle.

With all of these pieces thrown at you, the audience connects the dot and figures out the girl, the one from the trailer named Hannah, is actually the baron’s daughter, and the director of the sanitarium is the baron from 200 years ago. He has been using the cure to protect Hannah from disease, including having her period. Now here’s where I am also a bit confused. Why did the baron, knowing Hannah was his daughter, wait 200 years for his daughter to go through stresses and new things because of Lockhart and bring on Hannah’s period. At the end, the baron even says he’s tried to keep her from this ordeal, even though as soon as it happens, a light switch goes off in his brain and he wants to have sex with her, his own daughter, to make another child. “To keep the bloodline pure.” Why did he wait 200 years for this to happen? Was he okay with Hannah being “pure” and just his daughter forever? Was he waiting for Hannah to get her period, but also saving her from it? Even watching it a second time, they didn’t really explain anything they brought up in the movie.

Overall, A Cure for Wellness is an odd movie. It’s not bad, but definitely feels like it wasn’t edited to the greatest extent it should’ve been. There were no reasons for some scenes to be in the movie, but if you just look at the surface, it’s not a bad movie. It’s extremely weird. I would almost put it up there with Naked Lunch, but it’s not that crazy. If you want a one time experience that is weird, and don’t mind the weirdness, watch it in theaters, but if you’re on the fence, just wait for the DVD. It’s good, but not amazing. Good luck.


Creak. Slam. My eyes adjusted to the darkness.

“Don’t move. It can hear you.” A whisper came from the darkness.

Something scratched along the wall. Something hit the floor and skittered to my right. A muffled grunt, more scratches, and whatever it was left. I didn’t dare move. A sickly sweet smell flowed through the air towards me. It smelled familiar but I couldn’t figure out where I remembered it from. The cold stone scraped my hand as I slid it across the floor. A warm liquid slowly flowed across my fingers.

My heart thumped in my chest. I brought my fingers close to my face. The metallic smell grew stronger. It smelled like when you had pennies in your hand. It’s sickly sweet and sticky. A scream choked me. The other person was dead. What killed them? What scraped against the wall? I felt along the cold stone again and slapped my hand in the blood. It had slowly crept closer to where I was sitting. That thing scratched the wall again. It crawled to where the noise was. Whatever it was, found my hand and poked it. It pricked like a needle. I hoped it would leave, but it injected something that burned in my hand.

Another scream stopped in my throat. I couldn’t make a noise. It unstuck my hand and skittered back across the floor. My hand ached and throbbed. I slid slowly to my left. There was nothing from across the room, so I continued my slow trek across wherever I am. Both the wall and the floor were made of some kind of cold stone. I crept along the wall to the next one. The smell followed me as I crawled. My ears tuned in to the slightest of changes in sound. It hadn’t come back.

I felt along the other wall looking for a door. Cracks lined the wall, but no door. Anger flowed and my hand hit the wall. Metal scratched on the stone and the creature was on my hand again. It stabbed my hand, injecting more burning substance into me. It didn’t stop. The burning flooded my system, spreading from my arm and up to my heart. My brain felt like it was on fire. I screamed and a quick slice silenced me. Gurgling and sputtering, darkness crawled over me.

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New Adventure Ahead

So just as an update, I now have a job at Dollar General, once the background check finally goes through, and I’m going to NYC in August! I hope the place that is doing the background checks is quick, but I am really happy I finally have a job. I am a little sad that it is not an editing job, or something in publishing, but it is better than nothing, and I know the manager, so I hope it won’t be awkward. Until my hours are figured out, I don’t know when or how often I will be posting new pieces.

Next is NYC. My cousin from Germany is coming over in April. She wants to see NYC, and maybe a show so that’s happening. I think my mom wants to go to NYC during her vacation, so that is another broadway show to see I think in July. And then in August, my friend scored us two tickets to the Lady Gaga show! I am super excited for it plus he wants to see Alice Cooper the Saturday before that show so it’s going to be so much fun! So much in three days, but we can do it, did it before, we can do it again.

A lot of things coming up, I hope to write more, I have been failing a little bit, but it will all come back in time. I hope you guys liked my “Love” poem I did yesterday. It was super cheesy, but fun to write. Have a nice end to the week and have fun this weekend!


A Trip to Lily Dale

My (now ex) boyfriend and I had read about it, and he had previously gone with his family, but we talked about going to Lily Dale in New York. That crazy psychic’s town about an hour south of Buffalo.Some people might know about Lily Dale from the Supernatural episode, but for those who are spiritually inclined, Lily Dale is kind of like the lesser known Salem. Where Salem, MA is known for its past with witchcraft and death, Lily Dale is a town full of psychics.

My boyfriend liked the experiences he had before, I think he had even paid for a reading, but isn’t spiritually aware. I had never been, so we decided to take a day trip and see the town, the stump and the area around the town. He drove, thankfully, and I sat next to him focusing on my energy, wondering what I would feel. A few years before, around the time I graduated High School I think, I met someone who unlocked a piece of me I knew I had, but had never explored. I could feel spirits. I could feel other beings just beyond the veil between our world and theirs. I knew Lily Dale was supposed to be a highly active town in spirits and energy, but I didn’t know how I would react.

We found the town and parked. They gave us a map and a schedule of the day’s events. We decided the stump would be the first thing we did since it was free and close to when we arrived. We walked, hand in hand, no one seemed to care. I asked if he felt anything different, but he didn’t really notice something off. I personally didn’t feel anything either, but I was just wondering if he did. We walked around, noticed a couple of shops to stop at after the stump. We followed the signs to the “inspiration stump” I believe it’s called. The town is actually pretty beautiful.

The path takes you passed an animal graveyard. It was cool, and some of the names were cute, but we went on to the stump. It’s supposed to be a place where open mediumship can happen. Four or five of the town psychics, which you usually have to pay for a reading, will do a free channeling of a spirit if they feel anything up. Benches line up to the stump and a bunch of the psychics walk around, talk about the past of the place and see if any spirits want to talk to the audience through them. Now, I personally think this is the only area in the town that has a strong pull to the spirit world.

As we walked up and found a bench to sit on. It felt like I was wading through water. I told my boyfriend and he couldn’t feel anything, but to me it felt like water was all around me. It felt like electricity was washing across my skin. I couldn’t sit still. It was one of the most fascinating experiences of my life so far. We sat through the people doing their readings and talking, then left at the end. I should’ve gone up to the stump, or talked to one of the psychics, but that’s for next time I guess. Neither my boyfriend at the time, nor I was picked by a spirit to talk to, so we left.

We went through a couple of the shops, I bought a necklace of a stag in a Celtic fashion because that is my sign/self/spirit animal. We walked through their fairy path and then left to go back to his house. I want to go back again, but hopefully one day. Whether this is a diary entry or just a fictitious story of us going to Lily Dale is up for you to decide. Go to Lily Dale if you want an actual spiritual experience, but don’t pay eighty bucks for a reading, it messes with the mojo and you can probably find someone to do it for free. Have fun!

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Rings: A Semi-Review

So I just got back from watch the new Rings movie. I liked it, but I’m not sure how well it fits in with the Ring mythos. It’s been a couple of years since I watched Ring 1 & 2, but I feel like in Ring 2, the entire story of Samara was finished. I thought Rachel had finished finding Samara, and helped her “become good” and ended the cycle.

With Rings, I can’t tell if it connects with the original series, or if it’s a stand-alone/prequel. I kind of like the characters, but the writers used the boyfriend hero trope way too much. Julia is a pretty good character, but I feel like she rushes into things and then needs to get saved too many times by her boyfriend. Spoilers ahead. With the main character’s boyfriend at college, she has to stay at home to take care of her mother (which is only brought up once at the beginning of the movie.) He meets a biology professor that had found the tape and for “extra credit,” the boyfriend watches the tape as an experiment to see if there is life after death. He goes MIA, and in comes the main character.

She goes to the college to look for her boyfriend and finds this group of students hooked in this experiment. To save her boyfriend, Julia watches the tape, but something is different. Her movie that she needs to show someone has more in it than everyone else. They follow the clues and they go to Samara’s hometown? This is where Rings separates from the other English Ring movies. We find out about Samara’s actual parents, instead of her adopted ones? As Julia tries to find Samara and make out the visions she is giving her, Julia and her boyfriend find out about how Samara’s father treated her and her mother? Even though Samara was abandoned. I think this is where I became confused between this one and the other two movies.

I don’t know, I’m going to hopefully rewatch the first two soon and come back to this to figure out the timelines. Rings wasn’t scary, but then again, neither were the first two movies. I wish Sadako vs. Kayako came to US theaters. I’d say it was good, but only if you like the first two. Watch it if you like.