“Not today Satan!” Devin yells at the mirror. Something shifts slightly in the background. He nods, happy with what he had accomplished and left for class.

The bus ride to the college went well. A little itch snuck in the back of his mind. As he got off the bus and walked to class, he cracked his neck. It was something he hasn’t done in a little while. It was the beginning of the semester, he shouldn’t be stressed yet. He got to class and found an empty chair. The class was boring. Devin’s leg shook as the time clicked onwards to the end. He was barely paying attention when everyone around him started gathering their things to leave.

“What are you up to after class?” Jenny asked him.

“Probably just going to go back to my apartment. What about you?”

“I was going to stop at the coffee shop and then go to the library to study. Do you need to?” Jenny asked. She had a weird smile on her face. Devin thought she was flirting with him, but he wasn’t interested.

“I’m good actually. I need to get around for work. Thanks though.” He didn’t smile or anything and left.

He walked through the building and sauntered up to the bus station just outside of the school. He got on the bus and waited for his stop. Nothing unusual happened on the bus. He pulled the cord to stop just outside his apartment. He stared up at a window in his apartment. A chill crept down his spine.

He entered the building and went upstairs. The itch began to spread. He went to the bathroom to get around for work. Devin looked in the mirror. There was something on his face. He looked closer. There was something under his skin. He scratched it, but the thing moved. The itching in his head intensified. The skin on his face began to itch as well. He tried to scratch it, but his face burned now. He stared at his face. It looked like something was squirming. “What are you?” The itching intensified. Devin yelled in frustration. He hit the mirror and it cracked.

He grabbed a part of the mirror. Maybe he could dig whatever it was out of his face. He sliced open his cheek. The itching only moved to another part of his face. He picked, and digged and sliced. Finally, the itching was gone. He looked at himself in the mirror. He had no skin, but such a killer smile. Just like the one behind him, guiding his hand.

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