A Few Things

So I upgraded to WordPress Premium last month to see what it was all about, and check out what this wordads thing was. So far, I guess I don’t get enough views for any revenue, so the good thing about Premium is if you pause the wordads, there are no more ads on your blog. So now I don’t even have WordPress ads on my blog which makes me happy.

Thank you everyone that has looked at my posts this month. Up until December, I was in college, and the time just didn’t work out for my writing, and I was super stressed out which was new to me. I hope the people who have just joined, continue to like my content, but I am also glad the people from back in July and August are still here. Thank you, and I hope to continue writing pieces you guys like.

Moving forward, I am working on a new longer story, whether it’s a novel, or just a longer than 500-800 word story, I don’t know, but it is in the works, and I can’t wait to show a part of it as soon as possible. Thank you everyone that has been here, and the newcomers, and have a nice day!

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