Finding the Right Time

“What do you think? Will it work?”

“Without a doubt. If you’re going to make a name for yourself, better come in with a bang, so to speak.” His friend chuckled. Dale didn’t know what he was going to do, but he needed a call back for his audition for a broadway show. He needed this to work. He messed with his hair and put on his long coat. He left for his audition.

His heart pounded in his chest. He walked into the audition area and waited. When they called his name, Dale went through the door and stood there. There were two people sitting at a small table with a folder of head shots opened in front of them. The woman took notes as the man looked at Dale’s head shot. “Whenever you’re ready.” The woman said.

Dale unbuttoned his coat and let it fall off. The woman gasped, and the man couldn’t stop staring. Then he began to sing. He was a little nervous at first, but gained his confidence and finished “Don’t Let Me Go” from Shrek the Musical. He couldn’t tell if the look on their faces was a look of awe, or disbelief of what they just witnessed. Dale waited a second, grabbed his coat and left. He hoped he made a crazy first impression. He auditioned for The Dangling Choir, and all male, naked chorus that sang famous songs from musicals and other songs depending on the season. Maybe it will work out. Dale returned to his apartment.

“Dude, how did it go? Did you somehow manage to come home without putting your coat on. You’re still naked you know right?” His friend laughed at him.

“I uh, I must have forgotten in all the nerves and everything.” Dale blushed. “I think it went well. I stunned them into silence and then left before they could react. We’ll just have to see.” Dale said and sat on the couch. His friend joined him and they began to play a game.

A couple of days later, Dale received a phone call from the woman he met at the audition.

“Hello, is this Dale?”

“This is him.”

“Good, this is the woman from the audition for The Dangling Choir, I am sorry we didn’t say anything after your audition, we were both in shock. None of the others had the, tenacity, that you showed us, can you come back on Thursday at 3?”

“Yes, um, thank you. I will definitely be there. I promise to stay clothed this time.” He couldn’t believe this was happening.

“Don’t worry about that on our counts, but thank you. See you then.”

“Yes, thank you!” Dale closed the call and ran into the livingroom. “Dude! I have a callback!”

“Nice man! Break a leg again!” His friend hugged him. They stayed together a bit longer than normal. “I can’t wait to see you in that show.” He winked at Dale.

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