Taking my Place

“You realize once you agree to this, your soul is mine.” The demon told me.

“And in the meantime, I’m going to be an amazing pianist. I can’t wait for the concerts.” I smiled.

“Fine. Have fun.” The demon said and pulled me in to kiss him. His hand snaked down and groped my ass. I was surprised but only kissed him harder. I was getting too into it and he disappeared. “Well thanks.” I got in my car and drove home. The next day I walked into chorus and as a joke, sat at the piano. Wondering if it had actually worked, I ran my fingers across the keys. Something clicked in my brain and I just went for it. It was beautiful. Everyone clapped when I was done. I had completely lost track of time.

Someone took a video and put it up on YouTube. I didn’t know it at the time, but someone contacted me saying they saw me on YouTube and was wondering if I could play with them. It was some kind of old orchestra. As time went on, I came out with a few CDs, and worked with a couple orchestra’s. I also loved playing in a pit for anyone. Musicals were fun, but challenging.

As I was moving from my parent’s home to my own house, I had decided to buy a piano. For some reason I wanted it on the second floor, so there was this whole big process. I don’t know what I was thinking. But I saw him again. The demon I made the deal with. I was distracted and, it fell. On me.

“I should’ve known.” I said.

“What? How could you have known the piano was going to fall?” The demon asked me. I smiled.

“You were there. Before it fell. I couldn’t keep my eyes off you.” I told him.

“Same here. I had to wait a little bit, but I couldn’t get you out of my mind. I hope you don’t mind dying.” The demon put his arm around me and pulled me in to kiss him like on that day a few years ago. As I looked into his eyes, they changed. The irises went from black to a deep red. His skin didn’t change, but a couple of horns grew. A crown of fire came to life above his head. Did I seriously fall in love with the King of Hell?

“Are you?”

“Lucifer? Satan? The Unclean one? Etcetera etcetera, yup.” He laughed.

“Okay then.” It took me a bit to comprehend that I was standing with Lucifer himself. I may be in love with Lucifer. Lucifer!

“You okay babe?” He winked at me and hugged me closer. I melted in his arms. I was his.

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