May I Come In?


“I told you you can’t come in. Now leave.” I yell at the window. This is the second night in a row this bitch won’t go away. Last night it was on the windows on the front of the house and now it’s banging on the windows on the right side of my house. Thank god I warded my house recently. Maybe that’s why I’m just now feeling this.




You know, just because I can’t hear or see you, doesn’t mean I can’t feel you banging against my house. Now go away. This is my house. I pointed at the windows and threw my energy like a spear. The left shoulder eased. It always tenses when something is near. My left arm even tingles with electricity depending on how strong the being is. With whatever it was now gone, sleep takes over again.

It was fuzzy, but I could tell I was in a dream. I felt a coolness on my back and a slight pressure. It was like someone was hugging me while I was laying down. It also felt like I was being hugged by static from the tv. It felt so weird. I think I could faintly hear whatever it was that hugged me, but I couldn’t make out the words.


Was it all a dream? Or did someone actually come into my room last night and hug me? I look at my phone and something odd was laying next to it. It was the prayer card I received at my grandfather’s funeral a couple years ago. I check my phone. Two years exactly. It can’t be. I haven’t seen this in forever.

Did my grandfather hug me last night?

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