It had been a long day, but Jake had a few things left to do. He left school and remembered the steps it took to get to Trevor’s car. It was Trevor’s turn to drive him home. He hoped Trevor parked in the same spot he told him to park. When he reached step 45, Jake bumped into the car. “Thanks.” Jake said.

“Who were you saying that to?” Trevor asked as he stepped up to his car. Jake had beat him, even though he forgot to park in the right spot.

“Oh no one in particular, just saying thanks in case you were here.” Jake rubbed the back of his neck kind of nervously.

“Okay, well let’s get going.” Trevor grabbed onto Jake’s arm and lead him to the passenger side and opened the door.

“Thank you.” Jake said and felt his way inside. Trevor closed the door and walked around to get in himself. He started the car and drove to Jake’s house. As they approached the stop sign before his house, Trevor was going to roll through the stop sign, but they didn’t see the person not slowing down, but running the stop sign. “Wait!” Jake yelled. Trevor slammed on the brakes with just enough room for the bad driver to speed passed them.

“Did you?” Trevor began but Jake cut him off.

“I just felt you slowly rolling through the stop sign. Did something happen?” Jake seemed a bit ruffled, but Trevor took it as nothing.

“Yeah, a guy almost ran into us because he ran his stop sign.” He squinted at Jake.

“That’s what that noise was? Good thing I told you to wait huh?” Jake smiled. Trevor couldn’t put his finger on it, but there was something going on with Jake. He swore Jake knew that madman was going to run the stop sign, but how?

“Come on, we’re almost there.” Jake just wanted to be home. Trevor began driving again and into the driveway of Jake’s house. He stopped on the right side of the driveway this time instead of the left. It would take 28 steps for Jake to reach the front door. “28, thank you.” Jake smiled and opened the door.

“28 what?” Trevor asked but Jake slammed the door in his face. He watched Jake unlock and enter the door. He left with more questions than he expected about Jake.

“Hello? Is anyone home?” Jake called out but no one responded. His mother was buying groceries and his father wasn’t out of work yet. “No one’s home? Cool. I always thought you were an imaginary friend, but lately, I’m not so sure.” Jake said into the open air. He didn’t know that even though he was blind, I had been with him his whole life.

“You know things about me no one else does. Maybe even more than I do.” Jake’s face grew red.  He wondered just how much I knew. He wondered if I watched what he did in his bed at night before going to bed. I didn’t watch, but I still knew.

“Well, at least someone understands me.” Jake said and went to his bedroom. He had memorized the path from the front door, but still felt the wall as he climbed the stairs. He loved the textures of the wall as he went up. Jake threw his bag on his floor and closed the door. He just wanted to nap and let darkness calm his mind.

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