“Hello mother, father, how are you doing today? Same as usual I see? Good. Please don’t make a mess today, I had to clean up after you yesterday father, it wasn’t pretty. Time for school. See you at three.” Ren left the house to get on the school bus. He hoped his parents turned out better than their dog. Scruffy was such a good boy, but he made such a mess.

The day went by as usual. He got a report card this time, straight A’s except for an A- in PE. “I believe Mr. Jefferson needs a visit some time.” The final bell rang and Ren ran to his locker to gather his things. He hoped his mother and father were doing well while he was gone. He stepped on the bus and waited as other students filed on. No one sat next to him, which left him all the same. He was used to being alone. His house was the last on the route so he always sat in the back. When they finally reached his house, the bus stopped and he stepped off and skipped to the front door. He knocked but no one answered.

Ren produced the key from his pocket and with a click, the front door opened. “I’m home!” He called. “Mother? Father? Still silent I see. If you had listened to me in the first place, we wouldn’t be in this predicament.” Ren walked passed the livingroom where everything was covered in gold. He had been obsessed with it since he was a toddler. The shine. The color. He loved everything about the metal, even the little marks you make on it when you bite the smooth material. On the mantel was a gold statue of scruffy. He finally stopped making a mess.

“Mother.  Father. I got my report card today. I got straight A’s except in PE. I think Mr. Jefferson needs a talking to. What do you think?” Ren walked passed his parents to the fridge to grab a soda. “You don’t mind mother if I drink this before dinner right? No? Cool. Thanks.” He walked back passed his parents but stepped in something sticky and stopped. “Alright. Which one of you did it?” He looked at his mother and father. Ren saw a line of red dripping from his mother’s elbow. “Mother, I thought I told you no messes. But I guess it is your turn.” Ren grabbed some paper towels and cleaned up the mess on the floor. He was sad that his mother did it too. Maybe next time he’ll get it perfect he thought as he threw the last paper towel in the trash. Ren got up and patted his father on the shoulder. “Until dinner.” Ren walked into the livingroom and turned on the TV. He found his favorite show.

His parents didn’t join him. They couldn’t anymore. They sat there. Stuck in the kitchen. They were stuck at the kitchen table until someone found them and took them away. They were frozen in time. Frozen as glistening golden statues. They promised they would be with Ren forever, and now they can be. In his perfect golden world.

The Daily Post

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