Caught by the Servant

Knock knock knock. “Master Balkin, oh, I am sorry your majesty,” the servant looked at both Balkin and Dralor’s state of undress and blushed, “Your father calls for you. The King wants to make sure everything is to your liking tonight.” The servant tried not to stare at both Balkin and Dralor’s nakedness but failed. Balkin looked at Dralor, then back at the servant and winked.

“Thank you, that will be all.” Balkin said and placed his hand on Dralor’s thigh. The servant blushed, bowed, and left, closing the door behind him. Balkin’s face lit up with laughter.

“Well if your father and everyone in the castle didn’t know before, I’m sure they will soon.” Dralor put his hand on Balkin’s face and pulled him in for a kiss.

“What can I say? I see something I want and I take it.” He smiled.

“Like your servant?” Dralor sneered.

“I saw how you were looking at him too. You can’t tell me you weren’t undressing him with your eyes. I remember that look very fondly.” Balkin straddled Dralor.

“And when, may I ask, did I ever give you the look?” Dralor ground his pelvis on Balkin’s ass.

“Well right now for one,” Mmm, Balkin closed his eyes as Dralor continued to move under him, “and when I was beating you in the jousting.”

Uhn. “You need to see your father.” Dralor moved his hips up quickly.

“Oh ho ho, really? Should I call him here? See his precious son in such a–” Dralor slowly slipped into Balkin. uhn “yes, compromising position.” Balkin wrapped his arms around Dralor and kissed him.

“Ha. You’d. Like. That. Wouldn’t. You.” Dralor emphasized each word with a thrust. Balkin cried out. “Guess we’re done being quiet?” He looked into Balkin’s eyes.

“Keep hitting that spot and everyone in the kingdom will know.”

“Right there?” Dralor smiled.

“Yes.” Balkin moaned.

Knock knock knock.

“Just a minute.” Dralor called out.

“I told you to come down to check out the main hall ages ago. You can have a romp after.” The King yelled through the door. “And you’ve embarrassed the poor servant as well.”

“I’m coming soon father, I’ll meet you there.” Balkin smiled down at Dralor.

“You better.” The King walked back to the main hall, shaking his head.

“You should do as he says.”

“Well if you finished, I could.”

Unh. “Sorry.” Dralor thrusted in faster.

“Oh god.” Balkin and Dralor moaned at the same time. As Dralor finished, Balkin slid off him and tried to stand up to put his pants on. His legs wouldn’t stop wobbling.

“See what you’ve done to me?” He tried to walk but his legs kept shaking.

“Hey, you were on top the whole time. It’s not my fault, work on those thighs more.” Dralor winked and fell back on the bed. Faint snoring could be heard as Balkin left his room. His heart was thumping like a drum at one of his father’s season rituals. He practically ran to the main hall to see his father.

“I see someone is happy, or drunk from too much sex.” His father laughed. To be young and bold again he thought.

“Maybe a little of both. Who knows.” Balkin snickered. “So the feast? What do we have planned?” He stopped next to his father.

“One of the biggest yet. Summer has just reared its head, so the people can eat and drink outside. I figured the nobles would like to sit in here, with us, and we could have some players singing, dancing, playing the best songs around the kingdoms. What do you think?” He placed his arm around the shoulders of his son.

“I love it! Also, thank you for allowing Dralor to come. It really means–”

“Don’t worry about it Balkin. I could see something growing between you during your tournaments. We’ll talk about housing later.” He looked down to Balkin and winked. His son shivered and looked like he was going to cry.

“Thank you.” Balkin choked.

“Hey, don’t worry about it. Let’s have the greatest feast this kingdom has ever known!” He bellowed and grabbed his son into a hug. He kissed Balkin’s forehead and roughed his hair. “I need you happy if you will one day run this old castle.”

“No talking of that kind. Like you said, let’s just have the best feast we’ve ever had.” He hugged his father and broke away. What Dralor said about his father catching them in the act popped into his head and he blushed and turned away.

“The feast is a couple of hours away, grab Dralor and train outside or something. You need more training with your sword than just in the bedroom.” The King slapped his son on the back. You’ll know when the feast has begun.

Balkin looked at his father, whole face burning. “We will.” He ran to get Dralor.

“Who knows, maybe this will be good for the kingdom. It’ll definitely be a change at least.” He chuckled and continued to give directions to people running around the castle for tonight. Out of everyone, Dralor was the best swordsman at least. His son will forever be protected the king thought, even when his time is done.



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