A Suitor

“Father, is this really necessary? I’m not in the mood for a feast.”

“I know you’re not, but you just finished training to be a knight, so some celebration is in order. If not for you, then at least to appease the people.” His father smiled.

“At this rate they will want a feast with every little thing.” Balkin pouted. He just wanted to be by himself tonight and sneak out to his best friend Dralor.

“Who knows son, but even so, you being a knight soon means you need to start looking for a wife.” The King looked to Balkin. By now he had at least been talking to Balkin’s mother, but he hasn’t even seen his son interact with any girl. All he did was hang out with his best friend. He didn’t know what to do.

“Not again father. I’ve been looking around, I just don’t see anyone that interests me.” He doesn’t look at his father as he says this. Balkin has looked around, but no one in the castle has caught his attention. All he can think about is Dralor.

“You mean no one but Dralor.”


“I know that’s who you want to hang out with tonight. He can come.” The King looked at his son and smiled. Balkin looked at his father and felt his heart catch fire. Adrenaline pumped through his body.

“Really? Then let the festives begin!” He yelled and ran to grab Dralor. Balkin couldn’t believe the King had allowed Dralor to come to the feast tonight. Dralor and Balkin had gone through the knighting at the same time, sometimes at each other’s throats, but with healthy competition came, some strong entangled them.

Dralor came from a long line of knights. His father trained him from a young age to be the best to be picked by a fellow knight. Balkin was a Prince, so it was customary to become a knight in his father’s army. Through different trials and some jousting, Balkin and Dralor learned every inch of each other’s bodies. They were both chosen to become knights and couldn’t wait to hopefully work in the same area.

Balkin found Dralor at a pub in the castle town, doing his own celebration. “Starting early I see.” Balkin slapped his shoulder and left his hand there. Dralor looked at the hand and smiled.

“Might as well, my dad was sent out and he’s all I have anymore.” Dralor put his hand on Balkin’s. “Sit down at least.” He pointed at the stool next to him.

“Father is having a feast.”

“Good for you. Have fun.” Dralor looked down at his drink; he moved his hand to the bar.

“Oh stop pouting. You’re invited.” Balkin looked at Dralor’s face.

Dralor’s hand twitched. “Are you serious?” He looked at Balkin, he could see the smile spread across his face.

“Dead serious.” He reached for Dralor’s hand, emboldened by the implications of his father’s invitation. “You will come, won’t you?”

“Well I was hoping to feast on something for you anyways, I guess I should come to the celebration, and have my main course after.” He finished his drink and left some money. Balkin grabbed his hand and dragged him out of the pub. They walked through the gates of the castle and up to Balkin’s room. “Why are we here.”

“I’m tired.” He says and pushed Dralor onto the bed. Balkin unbuttoned his shirt and threw it to the side. He untied his pants and crawled on top of Dralor.

“I thought you were tired.” He said as Balkin crawled on top of him, rubbing his inner thighs and groping him as Balkin gets to his face and kisses him.

“I am.” Balkin said in between kissing Dralor. “But I want my main course.” He kisses Dralor’s jaw and down his body. “Before the feast.” Balkin stopped at Dralor’s groin. He kissed the outline of Dralor through the fabric. Balkin hooked his fingers on the rim of Dralor’s pants and pulled them down. “I think this is a good snack.” Balkin licked Dralor.

“Don’t stop.” Dralor moved his hand through Balkin’s hair. Balkin took Dralor fully and wouldn’t stop until he got his snack. “Balkin.” Dralor hissed. He ruffled Balkin’s hair and pulled him off. “Kiss me.” Balkin inched up Dralor’s body. As he kissed him, Dralor touched Balkin. “I think it’s time for my snack.”


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