Her Dragon

“Daddy, what are you doing? Where are you taking me?” The King is practically dragging her through the gatehouse.

Low rumbling from somewhere in the castle.

“This is for your own good. Some day a nice prince will come here and save you, until then, you must stay in the tower.” Princess Marian kept trying to break free from her father’s grasp as they climbed the stairs of the spire. The king pushes his daughter through the doorway and steps back. She tries to return to him, but something stops her. She presses against the doorway and it ripples like water but in white light.

“Daddy? What’s going on? Why can’t I leave?” Marian bangs her fists against the invisible wall.

“You cannot leave this place my dear, and I am sorry, but only someone else can take you out. We had the royal witch place this barrier. I hope one day you can forgive us.” He leaves down the steps, his footfalls echoing all the way down.

“Daddy? Daddy!” She bangs her fists against the barrier a couple more times.

Click click click, Bang.

Marian runs to the window in her new room and watches as the procession left. Her throat constricted. She couldn’t understand why her father was doing this to her. Tears run down her cheeks. When she couldn’t see the King’s men anymore, Marian falls onto her bed.

Don’t be afraid child. You are not alone.

Sobbing. “What? Who’s there?” Marian looks around, but no one is there, not even by the barrier.

I cannot show you yet who I am, but I just want you to know, you are not alone.

“Um, thank you.” With that, a chime went off and food for one popped on the small table in the corner of her room out of nothing.

That must be a powerful witch with all of this automation.

“Yes, mother was the best at the academy.” Marian walks over to the table. She tries the food and it tasted just how it was at her old home. With this thought, tears came back to her eyes.

Hush. You’ll get used to this soon enough. 

“Why can’t I meet you?”

I don’t want to shock you at such a state of mind. Soon.

“Okay. Until that day comes, thank you for being here.” Marian finishes eating and a pitcher of water pops into existence with some glasses. She pours herself a glass and walks back to the bed. Until that day comes, all she can do is read. A few weeks pass, at least from her count on the wall. The mysterious voice talks to her every day. She hopes the mystery can be dispelled sometime soon.

How goes today?

“Fine, just reading some more fairy tales. I guess more girls are put into towers than I previously thought.” Marian flips through a few more pages.

I know you can’t come down, but maybe today, I will come up.

“What? Really?” Marian sits up in excitement and throws the book. “Come up, come up.” She runs over to the door of her prison.

As you wish.

More rumbling comes from within the castle and her tower slightly shakes.

“Where are you? I don’t hear anything coming.” Marian tries to look as far down the staircase as she can through the barrier.

You may want to…look through the window instead.

Marian runs to the window and looks outside. “What, are you?”

Can you not see?

“Yes, but, so the fairytales are true? Are you a dragon?”

The believe since the last time I checked. The dragon flapped her wings and roared into the sky.

“Nice set of lungs. I wish I could fly.” Marian puts her hand on the window. The yearning to be free filled her heart. Something flows from her heart to her hand and Marian’s hand began to glow. The window shattered.


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