Gold Forest Villa

“Hello sir, would you like another gin and tonic?” The stewardess bent forward, revealing almost too much to the new patron lounging in the chair by the pool.

“Ah yes, thank you.” The man took the glass and sipped, the stewardess straightened.

“If you need anything, just ring the bell.” The stewardess smiled and walked to the bar. A slight breeze blew through the trees, and brought a slight chill across everyone at the pool area. A single gold leaf broke away and fell into the man’s glass. As the leaf dropped inside, the gold rubbed off on the glass. The man looked at the newly reformed leaf. It was silver.

“My god! It’s silver. We’re in the silver forest, that must mean…I need to get out of here.” The man looked around and to the bar. The woman who served him was staring right at him. He caught her eyes and looked away. Out of the corner of his eye he could see the woman talk to the bartender. The bartender nodded and she walked inside the Villa. Sweat formed on the guy’s forehead as he lie frozen in the lounge chair.

The stewardess came out with the sandwich the man ordered a little bit ago. She walked up to his lounge chair and once again bent forward. “Here’s the sandwich you ordered sir.” She winked at him. He hesitated a slight second. His hands felt cold, but then the blood pumped back into his arms and it moved. The stewardess could see the sweat on the man’s brow. She smiled.

“Ah yes, thank you. I’m starving.” He smiled at the woman. She stayed a bit longer than before, but then left again. His stomach was in knots. He tried to take a bite, but a reddish fluid dripped from the lettuce. The drop splashed on the plate and his face ashened. He stood up from the lounge chair and took his sandwich to the Villa. As he went back into the lobby, now he understood why there was so much red. The guy’s room wasn’t too far away. He turned down the hallway on the right and found room 116. His hand shook as he fished the keycard out of his shirt pocket. The guy shoved the keycard into the lock, it beeped and the door clicked. He looked down both sides of the hallway. A couple of men were talking at the end of the hallway and looked to him, staring at him as he quickly went into his room.

He dropped his plate into the trash and walked to his suitcase. The guy didn’t care about neatness and just shoved the clothes inside. Knock knock knock. He looked to the door, but continued to put clothes in the suitcase.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

He looked at the door.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

All of his clothes were in the suitcase. He sauntered over to the door and looked through the peep-hole. It was the two guys from the hallway. A slight whoosh came from his left. Thump.

“Mmm. Where am I?” The guy struggled to sit up. Something was wrong though, he couldn’t really feel from the waist down. “Wait. I swear I had a leg before.” His head was still groggy.

“Yes you did, but I think the marrow will make a good soup. By the way, did you like Mrs. Anderson?”



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