Writer’s Block

Do you ever get that feeling where you want to write, but you just can’t? There is just some wall that you have put up yourself that won’t break down. It sucks because you can feel them. The thousands of voices trapped inside you, yelling at you to come out. To write their story. To just put the pen to the paper and maybe, just maybe, it will be their time to come out. This, I think, is what frustrates us.

And yet here I am. Talking about the thing that frustrates us more than actually doing it. I feel the scraping at the door. I know everyone wants to come out. But it just won’t budge. Maybe it’s just me. I think we all go through periods where we ask ourselves if we actually have writer’s block, or is it all in our head? How do you just take an axe and break through the door? Maybe the door is just our fears that we put up. The fear of rejection. The fear of critique. The fear of just not giving the right voice to a character.

So this is for the voices. A partial crack to let light through. Maybe now I can actually write something, but who knows. Let the voices come through.

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