After watching Lady Gaga’s live show from the dive bar in NYC, and learning some of the inspirations behind the songs on her newest cd named Joanne, it has opened my eyes to what we do as creators. I always took for granted the saying people always through out their that the artist puts themselves in their work, but now I think I truly understand. Everyone around us had a shell, a lens to see the world through to protect themselves, but we as artists don’t. We feel, when others cannot. We see, when others are blind. And I think that is our purpose. To show everyone how the world really is. To strip away the filters, the blinders, the every day static that drowns out what is actually happening around us. This is why we feel. This is why we put ourselves into our art. To make them see. So they can feel, for just a single moment, that thread that pulls us all together. Do what you do best. Show what the world truly is.

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