Kubo and the Two Strings: A Review

So I watched Kubo and the Two Strings on Sunday, and I think I loved it. We begin the story with Kubo narrating his story as his mother is escaping from her family to a little village. The animation is beautiful! I cannot say this enough. You can see the forms of the face and the movements in the clay. I can’t imagine how the paper folding had to be done by hand. I also think this is a plot where a bard is the main character. Kubo plays his guitar and his magic flows from that.

The plot is a little slow at the beginning. It takes a bit of backstory and seeing how far into magic Kubo could go. It was sad to see his mother had episodes where she had no idea about the world around her, only when the sun went down would she come back to Kubo. He played his songs and the paper did their dancing. It was all well until the twins came. Can I just say how they are probably my favorite character designs in the whole movie! They were “perfect” and from the mother’s family in the sky. It was interesting to see Kubo’s mother and her sisters fight because her magic was blue, and Kubo’s too, but their magic was black and smokey. I believe they were twins, they fought and looked the same, but could’ve just been jusks used by the family to be “perfect.”

When Kubo flies away and we meet monkey. I don’t know about children, but I think most adults will question the relation to him. I wasn’t completely positive at first, but as soon as we found Beetle, I had a suspicion that Monkey was Kubo’s mother, and that Beetle was his father under a curse. You eventually find out who they are, but through the subtle dialogue and nuances between Monkey and Beetle, you can see the relationship. The reveal was well written, yet sad, but kind of predictable. As soon as the audience finds out about his mother and father, they die to break him and make it more likely for Kubo to control his magic. Against what logic says, this is how it works, like killing off Quick Silver in The Avengers: Age of Ultron. He died to break the Scarlet Witch, and bring her to her most powerful form.

If you like stop-motion animation and a well written story, watch Kubo and the Two Strings. It’s well worth it and you might cry, but who doesn’t? It was so beautiful!

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