So I’ve been reading The Novice by Taran Matharu. I’m hoping to finish this book today, if not, tomorrow and get a review out tomorrow at the latest. So far it is a really well written book and I would totally recommend it to anyone that likes magic/adventure/fantasy books. I also think it’s in the Young Adult section, so that might turn you off, but I think it’s one of the better ones of late. I’ve also been playing Dark Souls 3 on new game + (NG+) so that has been interesting. I’ve been hoping to get into No Man’s Sky, but I just can’t see paying $60 for an indie game. It’s not an AAA title, and in watching, I don’t think it’s worth spending $60 on. I love the game, but not for the price. Hopefully it is cheaper on Black Friday. That’s all the update I have, as for Derek’s story, I’m not really sure where that is going as of late, but I hope to get back to him soon. I really like his story and I hope you guys do too. Have a nice day!

4 thoughts on “Reading

  1. Always fun reading what you write. Also YA isn’t really a turn off, I’m just suspicious of the genre as it isn’t always the best writing in my opinion. Then again, sometimes I find gems in there far beyond any genre. Rare, but it does happen.

    Cheers! ^_^

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    1. Awe, thanks! Your writing always makes me think about life/death and what is in the middle ;p I am also suspicious because there are at least three books of the same volition, i.e. The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Maze Runner, but The Novice was actually really good. I can tell this was the first book in a series because it set up things to be looked at farther down, but I couldn’t put it down honestly! I could almost see it in the fantasy section to be honest.

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