Lorian walked across his room. He looked at the clock. He had twenty minutes until the test. He conjured fire above the palm of his hand. It danced across his hand and wound its way around his arm. He could feel the heat on his skin. His family had been fire weavers for generations. Lorian had the genetic talent but every time he manipulated the flames, something pulled from the back of his mind.

The mirror in his room glowed and the surface began to ripple. The surface was pulled in and swirled into a vortex. “Must be time.” Lorian walked over to the mirror and stepped in. He felt his body crack and shatter then put back together in the testing area. He opened his eyes to a giant oval arena. Grey bricks created the walls and pillars lined the edge up to the elders who sat at the other end. Without a word, Dinaria raised her hand and bodies across the floor twitched. Cracks and pops filled the air as the bodies came to life. The rumors were true, she could bring the dead back to life.

“Begin.” One of them called from across the area as all the bodies turned to him and ran. Some were missing arms, some their heads, but all of them went after Lorian. He ran through the reanimated. One of them grabbed the cloth on his shoulder, but gasped as flames scorched anywhere they touched. It was a defense spell he created. Lorian called forth fire balls in both of his hands and threw them in every direction. Each one hit a body and burned it instantly to ash.

He threw as many as he could, but the reanimated kept coming. Bodies dug out of the ground around him to add to the numbers. He was overwhelmed. He had to try and destroy them all at once. Lorian concentrated the fire to his hands, taking the energy from the air and molding it into the fire. He hadn’t completely perfected this yet, but he had to try. He could feel his finger tips tingle as the flames licked his skin. As the bodies surrounded and bound onto him, he placed his hands on the ground.

Fire erupted from the ground all around him, vaporizing all of the dead, even those coming from underground, but something happened. A needle pierced his chest and his defenses fell, leaving his body to be a feast for the fire. He screamed as the flames he had worked with all his life turned on him and began to lick his flesh. Lorian could feel his skin being seared off. He screamed in agony. His mind barely held on as the pain increased and his body gave in.

Lorian woke up in his bed. The last thing he remembered was the flames consuming him. He tried to move his arms. A pain shot up his left side, but his right arm seemed to be okay. He couldn’t see out of his right eye. He tried to touch the right side of his face, but bandages covered it. He didn’t know what was happening. A guttural scream emanated from him.

“Lorian? Lorian what’s wrong?” His father entered his room.

“What happened?” He stared at his father. It was weird only using one eye.

“You used the flame wave and something happened. It’s being investigated, but right now they think you were tampered with in that exact moment when you were at your most vulnerable. Someone drained your flame aura and the fire turned on you. It happens, but right now just worry about healing up. We will find whoever did this to you, to my son.” Lorian’s father looked out the window above his head. He felt like his dad was more hurt by the fact someone would dare hurt his progeny more than caring about Lorian’s welfare. Anger burned in his chest.

“Other than parts of me in pain, I seem to be fine.” Lorian moved his head to look at the ceiling. His father looked back down at him, then left. He raised his right hand and tried to conjure a flame. Nothing came to him. A cold sensation drifted out from his chest. He tried to look at his chest. A bandage was wrapped around him. Something black began to seep into the cloth. It was cold. He tried to move the bandage down. A black aura shielded his chest and continued to grow. “Great.” Lorian didn’t even try to block out the new aura. He fell back to sleep.

“Lorian, what are you doing?” His father came in to see if he wanted dinner. Instead, he found Lorian floating above his bed. The dark aura was complete. “Lorian. No. No! Not my son. Please.” His father was too afraid to come any closer. Lorian wasn’t a fire weaver anymore. His father knew this aura, Lorian was of the shadow born now.

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