The Daily Post

“What’s the point? I already got that last year.”

“I know, what about a throne?”

“I have forty of those. I took them from my favorite kings.”

“What about the sun?”

“In the light hallway. The one out there now is a boring copy. I couldn’t let those dumb creatures die out, I take half my artifacts from them.”

“What about, the roman empire? Just take the entire time in a bubble, and keep it here.”

Gray flourished his hand. “Did it, but with the Greeks. So much more class.”

“Well then I don’t know. I think you have everything, and my opinion is useless.”

“Nonsense. I want your opinion Lorian.”

“Well. You don’t have something I have.” Lorian winked.

“How do you know?”

“Because I think I would’ve felt it.”

“You feel lust, not love.”

“What’s the difference anymore?”

“That is a good question.” Gray reached out and grabbed Lorian’s arm.

“The only bad thing is you can’t have everything you want.”

“I have my ways.” Gray pulls Lorian’s head down and kisses him.

“You realize I wouldn’t just be your’s.” Lorian says and kisses him back.

“It’s okay as long as you know I have you too.” Gray says.

“Greedy bastard.” Lorian smiles.


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