Derek felt a hand slide across his chest. Light was streaming in through the curtains. He opened his eyes, even if it was barely because of all the light. “Don’t you own any black-out curtains? How do you sleep with all this light in here?” Derek asked Bill as he turned to cuddle up against him, burying his face in Bill’s arm pit.

“Sorry babe. Helps me wake up for work.” Bill said and wrapped his arm around him. He thought of last night. He should’ve known Derek was behind this, but he thought Derek fed on sex. What was with the slit throats? What more didn’t he know about him? Derek moved his hand to Bill’s chest. He ran his hand through the hair and down through Bill’s happy trail. His hand stopped there. “You gunna help a guy out?” Bill said, pushing the covers below his waist. Derek moved his hand farther down and grabbed hold of Bill. “Fuck.”

“Need some help I see.” Derek said, moving his fist up and down.

“Oh fuck, you know I do.” Bill thrust his hips up in Derek’s hand. Derek could feel the energy emanating from Bill’s body. He took a sip, but tried not to delve too much.

Beep beep beep, beep beep beep. Bill grabbed his phone as Derek moved his head to his groin. “Officer Walsh here.” Mmm. “Two bodies? At a truck stop. Same MO? I’ll be there as soon as I can. Mhmm. Thank you. Bye.” Bill hung up the phone.

“New crime scene?” Derek said and went back on him.

“Yes. I need to go soon. Don’t stop. I’m close.”

“It was me.” Derek said and sucked harder.

“Oh fuck.” Bill knew this already. He put his hand behind Derek’s head and pushed his head down. “Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Fuck it, here it comes.” Bill’s energy exploded. Derek kept a little, but let him revel in his orgasm. “I need to take a shower.”

“And I need to finish. Go, you got work to do.” Derek winked and began playing with himself. Bill had a bathroom set right off his room in line with his bed. Derek could see him shower, and definitely put on a show for him. “You keep doing that and I won’t be able to stop myself from coming over there and plowing you into the night.” Bill called over as he sudzed up.

“You certainly could try.” Derek continued working on both parts of himself, making sure he’s on full display for Bill.

“Damn you.” Bill laughed. “I need to go to work. Even though it is you, I need to find someone, or make it a cold case. Until then, I need to go.” Bill got out of the shower and dried off. Derek finished as Bill got dressed.

“I’m feeling a little low, maybe I’ll go feed while you’re away.”

“Just not here please. I’d rather not come home to find a body on the couch.”

“Don’t worry, it’s always different place. I’ll keep you busy.” Derek winked as Bill left. Derek sighed. He left his house, naked, to go to his car. He grabbed his bag and went back inside. He put on his favorite hunting outfit and decided to go to the park.

“So, what do we have?” Bill walked into the truck stop men’s bathroom. Two bodies with blood dried on them still leaned against the side wall.

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