A few Observations

This isn’t a short story or a poem, but a few things I have noticed over the last couple of days. Yesterday I went zip lining at the Adventure Park at Greek Peak Mountain Resort in Cortland, NY. It was so much fun! But I had to think of a few things. As I slid from line to line, I noticed the zipping and high-pitched sound that came off the wires. At the one, we had to wait and let two of the guides go first, and as they went down, the cables vibrated, making a high pitched sound come from the steel girders anchoring them. Do people normally notice these things?

As I went down the cables on the 15 pound pulley thing we used, and carried to the other zip lines, I noticed how the wind rushed passed my face, what it would be like if I wrote this on paper. Maybe that’s what we do. We use our imaginations, plus what we have observed from our reality, to tell the stories of places unknown or forgotten. I really liked the entire experience, although not as amazing as the one I did in Jamaica, but the guides were really nice, and the lines themselves were really cool. I just wish they had more.

Then there’s today. I went to the Renaissance festival in sterling, NY. I wore my Ravenclaw robe I got from Universal Studios in February, my friend was a troll, and my mom wore a corset and a skirt. It was so much fun. I really like te atmosphere and how nobody cares what you wear for a costume. I think it’s a good place to be yourself and wear/be whatever you want to be. This is what I don’t like about society. I can’t go outside on any given day and wear my corset, heels, or fish nets I have from Rocky Horror Picture Show. I don’t understand why, but people get upset over the little things. I actually saw someone in a pony furry suit, with a kilt and bagpipes on it. I had never actually seen anyone in a furry suit before, but I thought it was nice. No one gave them any shit, I think, for wearing their suit outside. Still such an unknown kink to people.

I like that we have a safe space to be whatever you want to be, I just wish we could do whatever we wanted outside, without people getting upset. If it doesn’t hurt anyone, why not? Have some fun, and just be yourself. Also, after today, my stories should get back to the schedule as before. This week was crazy and I at least tried to get out something once a day. I hope you had a nice week/weekend!

One thought on “A few Observations

  1. I agree, it would be nice if the world were a kinder place, and barring harming others, would just let you be you without critique or hate. Alas, I also love your analysis on the way you notice things, and your pondering on if others would notice such things.

    Cheers! ^_^

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