The Daily Post

There’s something missing. Something I can’t put my finger on. It’s a hunger. A Want, no, a need. I’m tired of having the longing for physical contact. And the sad thing is, not just a someone to mess around with. I hunger for the passion. The connection when two people are together. I hate how mechanical sex becomes without it. At least the need is easily ebbed, although it get’s a bit boring.

I never could understand people who are celibate, or abstinent until they get married. So, you don’t know how your partner and you work together sexually? What if you don’t like what they do? What if it’s not what you thought? I guess I just don’t understand the thought of a relationship without sex. Of any kind. I think my hormones just run more rampant than most, or I accept myself and know what I like and want from someone. Speaking of.

What the fuck is it with people who want to be “friends with benefits” or “fuck buddies” but only for their wants. Only when they’re horny. Like. Sorry. I’m a human too. I’m not a machine, only here for your enjoyment. I’m so tired of these kind of relationships not being both ways. If you want to do something, ask, but also see what your friend wants to do. Hang out. Watch a movie. Mess around. Don’t forget the “friends” part in “friends with benefits.”

It’s weird having a craving for sex. Especially in an area where men are afraid of their own sexuality and pleasures. Can I just create the perfect man yet?

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