Dramatic Silence: A Loss of Hope

The Daily Post

Mox and Jerry’s life was monotonous. Both worked in accounting. Mox read romance novels, while Jerry built model planes. Only model planes. They had their favorite shows to watch, and had a specific scedule in doing so. Mox believed she loved Jerry, but was afraid she was settling, while Jerry just went with the flow. He would never admit it, but Mox was the best thing to happen to him.

They moved in together, actually bought an apartment 50/50. They had the same taste, slightly modern, mostly dark colors, so they didn’t argue over the furnishings. Life just moved on. Their day to day was the same. They wake up, drink coffee, go to work, come home, eat dinner, watch tv and/or have sex, then go to sleep. Two years passed without a single bump in their schedule. Nothing out of the ordinary. But Mox was drained. She wished for a child from Jerry. She was tired of the schedules and wanted something more. Something unpredictable. But it just wouldn’t take. She tried hormones. She tried therapies. She did all she could, but Jerry just stood by her.

They tried something new. A shiny trial to try and make the egg stay on the uterin wall. Mox signed the paperwork and began the trial. At first she felt, different, but not terrible. Something new grew inside her whenever they had sex now. She wanted more. Until one day, she got a little sick in the morning. Mox took the test. Peed on the stick, hands shaking in anticipation. Was she? Could Jerry and her really be having a child? The answer, was yes. She smiled. Something Mox hasn’t done in ages, but she smiled. She ran to tell Jerry the good news.

His face lit up like a christmas tree. He began preparing the baby room. The room was still half painted from their first hope. They couldn’t wait for the results of the sex. They had a pink and blue balloon tied to the center piece of the of the table. As the days passed by, their nerves became construde. The day was coming they feared might pass. With their last child, it was lost a few weeks into the pregnancy. They didn’t find out if it was a boy or girl. They day came and went and Mox felt better than ever.

The test drew closer and Mox’s health declined slightly. She easily became light headed. Her morning sickness worsened. She had to stay home from work. Mox felt like she did before.

The test day came. She drove to the hospital herself, but something pinched her stomach. The pain grew as she drove closer to the hospital. Mox’s vision began to blur. Her face was ashen. She passed out.

Jerry received a call from a policeman. Mox was taken to the hospital from a horrible car accident. Apperently, she had passed out from the loss of blood. They don’t know if either will make it. Jerry rushed to the hospital. He needed to see her. Feel her one last time.

In a daze, Jerry unlocked the door to his apartment. He walked in and went to the table. He popped both balloons.

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