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“So who’s the lucky gentleman?”

“Oh, stop it. Someone will hear you.” Samantha blushed.

“That’s just the thrill. Come on Sam, I can see it in your eyes. You’re smitten.” Jessica said and flipped her fan around, covering her mouth. Samantha could only see her eyes.

“Oh alright. So there’s this boy.”

Gasp. “A boy? You must tell me who.”

“Well he’s tall. And sweet. He looks dashing in his brown waistcoat.”

“Dashing you say? Oh my. It might be worse than I imagined.”

“Shush. Do you want to know his name or not?” Samantha put up her fan up to shield her face from everyone.

“You know I do, so spill.” Jessica mimicked Samantha.

“Bobby Darkwood.” Samantha whispered to Jessica.

“Bobby. Darkwood? Say it isn’t so.” Jessica blushed and closed her fan.

“I know what you’re going to say, and yes, he’s even more dashing without, the waistcoat.” Samantha’s face completely turned red and closed her fan as well.

“Stop it.” Jessica hit Samantha with her fan. “You must wait till you are his.”

“I already am. Just not bound.” Samantha looked to the park. She watched as a couple walked by. She longed for Bobby.

“You really are taken by him. If only I could find a suitor of my own.” Jessica took Samantha’s hand in her own. And squeezed it.

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