What do you Want

“A ring?” Derek asked, but stopped moving for a split second.

“Yup. And the deceased was single, so we know it wasn’t his.” Bill said and looked at Derek. The ring was at the lab now for testing, but he thinks it belonged to Mr. Sampson.

“Where else could it have come from?” Derek looked up to Bill with a smile. He wonders if Bill has made the connection yet. The table was square and small enough for Derek to find Bill’s foot. He continued to eat and sneak his foot up Bill’s leg. Bill’s face noticeably changed with the contact.

“We are thinking it might be from the killer for some reason. Either to make connection between the victims, or to wave their hand in our faces. Screaming ‘come find me,’ from a distance. It bugs me.” Bill looked to Derek, but finished eating.

“You never now. They might’ve just left it on accident.” Derek continued moving his foot up until it was in Bill’s fiery crotch. He finished eating and looked up to Bill. Bill was staring at him. “What?”

“I just can’t keep my eyes off you.” Bill moved his chair back and got up. He placed the dishes in the sink and began washing them. Derek brought his over as well. When he placed them down, he wrapped his hands around Bill and hugged him.

“I love the feel of your skin on my back, but I think something.” Bill pushed his ass out. “Wants some attention.”

“Oh really? I think I can help with that.” Derek got on his knees behind Bill. He spread bill’s cheeks and Bill spread his legs a little bit so Derek had a little more to work with.

“Oh! God you’re good at that. I hope you ate today because I fucking need you.” Bill continued washing dishes and Derek’s hand sneaked up his groin. “Oh! Yes. Faster. I think this is the most fun I’ve had washing dishes.” Bill said as he finished putting the last one in the drying rack. “Come here.” Derek stopped licking and stood up.

“What? Didn’t you like that?” Derek asked and put his hand on Bill’s peck, playing with his nipple.

“Yes, come with me?” Bill grabbed Derek’s hand and moved towards the stairs for his room.

“Of course.” Derek held on and followed Bill to his room. When they got there, Bill pushed Derek on the bed and straddled his lap. Derek was wearing only his gym shorts and a thin tank top. Bill was wearing nothing. Derek had never seen Bill like this, but he liked it. He could be in control for once. “Oh god.” Bill had just ground his ass onto Derek’s lap.

“You like that?” Bill said and moved his hips, grinding on Derek again.

“Oh god yes. Where has this guy been?” Derek moaned.

“You like being dominated? You like it when a guy takes control over every. Single. Move.” Bill ground his hips to make emphasis of his point.

“Yes. God I want you.”

“And I want this.” Bill said and groped Derek.

“Fucking take it.”

Bill got off Derek and grabbed onto his shorts. Derek lifted his hips to let Bill take them off. With his shorts off, Bill pushed Derek back again and straddled him. He looked into Derek’s eyes as he pushed his ass down on Derek, taking him in slowly, but all at once.

“Oh fuck Bill, ride me.”

Unh! “Yes.” Bill began working his hips even more one Derek. “Oh fuck. Yes. Do you know where that ring came from?” Bill continued to ride Derek, but stared into his eyes.

Mmmm. “Yes.” Derek looked into bills eyes, wrapped his arms around him and rolled over so he was on top.

“Fuck, don’t stop. Where is it from?” Bill couldn’t stop himself from moaning really loud from the new angle.

“Patrick.” Derek said and picked up his pace. It’s been a while since he was on top.

“Faster. Who’s Patrick?” Bill said and wrapped his legs around Derek, pulling him farther in.

“Patrick Sampson. The guy who lived next door. Fuck. Such a kinky man. Couldn’t stop spanking me.” Derek looked into Bill’s eyes. He knew he was close, but wanted Bill to finish first.

“I’ll have to remember, oh god yes! That you liked to be spanked. God, fuck it out of me.”

“Do it for me baby. Come on.” Derek went a little harder, pushing all of Bill’s buttons.

“Oh god!” Bill and Derek said at the same time.

“Fuck, that was good. You need to top more often.” Bill said and kissed Derek. “Oh, by the way. Don’t even think about leaving the city. You just became my prime suspect.” Bill put his hand behind Derek’s head to kiss him harder.

“Mmm, good luck. You won’t be able to place me at the scene. No evidence. No witnesses. No conviction. And if you ever try to wear a wire or record me, I’ll just..” His voice changed. “Change my voice, and I’ll bring you down instead. Got me?” Derek said and pumped one last time into Bill.

“I got it. Trust me. I don’t want you going anywhere.” Bill said and fell back on the bed. He began to snore.

“Good. I don’t want to lose you either.” Derek said and moved out to cuddle Bill. “I’ll just need to feed more because of you.” He fell asleep.

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