The Daily Post

The train kept moving. No matter who or what stepped in front of it, the train would just plow straight through. This is what was left of the human race. A train that demolishes, and is resistant to most angel attacks. The demons helped fortify the outside to keep the humans safe.

No one knows why the apocalypse happened. But the humans resisted. People were not taken in “the rapture.” The angels came down to try and take people away, but they just wouldn’t leave. Humans stood up together and rallied against them instead. They knew the angels had started the Earth’s destruction, and were not going to stand by and just be taken without knowing what was going to happen to their friends and family.

The demons, although hurt some humans, loved them, and when Satan saw what the angels had done, he created a safe haven. As humans joined the trained, the train grew. A beauty with magic. The demons could do little to help the humans, but what little they did, made sure the human race would survive. Mountains crumbled, the oceans grew, even the animals became angry with humans as a whole. Everything was against them.

But against all the odds. Something could bring the world back together again. A child of dark, half demon and half human, and a child of light, half angel and half human, will come together, and bring the fall of the angels, bringing forth the true age of humanity. At this point, humans as a whole, will live on forever.

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