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“Code red. I repeat. Code red. Evacuate immediately.” A robotic voice rang from the speakers above. Red flashing lights popped up from the floor and guided everyone to the closest elevator. No one panicked. Everyone was calm and walked steadily to the elevators.

“I wonder which lab it was.” A man in orange said.

“I heard lab H was working with AI. Something must’ve gone wrong.” Another guy in a white shirt said in response. The guy in orange looked at this new guy. He thought everyone had a color so people knew which lab you worked in and in what. White isn’t on the list. As they got closer to the elevators, the lines of people had to stop as the elevators were filled. The guy in white looked at the guy wearing orange. He stared into the guy in orange’s eyes. A bright light temporarily blinded the guy with the orange shirt.

“Ow.” The guy rubbed his eyes. “What did you do?”

“I don’t understand what you mean sir, you looked into my eyes.” The man in white moved farther along as the guy in orange continued to rub his eyes until the spots cleared. As they shuffled closer to the elevators, the guy in white noticed people on either side of the entrance to the way out, they were scanning people’s eyes for something.

Shriek. A guard a few elevators down took a woman by the hair and dragged her away. She was also in white. The guy in orange somehow got closer to the elevator than the guy in white. As the orange guy stepped up to the eye scanner, and alarm sounded and he was taken off to wherever the woman in white was taken. He screamed no all the way away.

The guy in white stepped up to the scanner. The line went over his eye, paused, rescanned and turned green. They let him through.

“Do I know you?” A woman asked the guy.

“I don’t believe so. I would remember such a beautiful face.” He responded.

She giggled. “Huh, I swear I’ve seen those eyes before. I’m Lora.”

“I’m…I’m Stan.” The elevator left for the surface.



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