The Daily Post

Bang. Bang. Bang.

“Coming! Just give me a second.” Alex moved from behind the desk to open one of the two giant doors. It creaked as it was pushed. “May I help you?”

“Food. And Shelter. Please.” The kid fell to his knees. The cloak fell from around his head and the boy was the most fair being Alex had ever seen.

“Come in child. What ails you.” Alex beckoned him in and noticed dark clouds forming in the distance.

“Thank you sir. My family said to come here if anything were to happen.”At this point the child had also raised its hand so Alex could see the ring on his finger. It was the crest of Ingris.

“Oh my, no. Come in. Come in.” He looked to the clouds that were raging towards them. “We must talk inside. As soon as the child was through the threshhold, Alex closed the heavy door. The enchantments reinvigorated as the seal is redone. “What happened?”

The child sat down. “They are all gone. My family. The servants. Everyone. They drew the flag of the Blanished, but they weren’t. I don’t know who would try such a guise, but here were are. I am…the last…of my kind…” He began to sob at the end of this. Alex went up and put his arm around the boy.

“There, there. You are safe now. You and every other child of the myths created through time. Some even before. Let’s get you something warm to drink, eh?” Alex took the child’s hand and guided him to the kitchen for some hot cocoa. The boy continued to sob while they walked. As they entered the kitchen, a medium sized cat, no, woman, no, something was at the island.

“What’s sad, and pale, with just a bit of rouge on its cheeks?” The cat thing said.

“Ahh, Angelique. Nice to see you. This is the prince I believe, of the Ingris family. He’s the last I’m afraid, kind of like you.” Alex went to put the kettle on.

“Welcome fair creature, much like I, we’re alone.” She put a paw close to his hand. Fur and blissfully white. A budding friendship in this drab and dreary sanctuary.

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