A Second

Derek’s eyes flutter open. What time is it? He looked at his phone. 5:44pm, and a message from Bill. Great, wasted the day away. At least I had fun. “Long day at work. Eat and come over for the night?” Bill said with a winky face at the end. What has happened to me? Derek texted back yes please, and got up. He picked out his favorite shorts and mesh crop-top. Time for hunting. He left the house and decided to try a rest stop.

He stopped his car and got out. It was so small, but a couple other cars were outside. Derek entered the men’s restroom. Two guys were at the urinals. No walls blocked the men. Derek went to the one in between them, unzipped and took a piss. He looked at the other two guys while they finished but didn’t hide away. “Well guys, are you going to just stand there wanking your dicks, or are you going to do something about that?” Derek said and pushed his short down a bit more, showing the top of his ass.

“Think a boy like you can handle all this?” The man on his right asked, shaking his prick around.

“You can’t even imagine what I can handle.” Derek got on his knees to work on the guy on his right.

“Hey now, don’t forget about me.” The guy on his left stepped up right to his face.

Mmm. “Someone’s a little impatient.” Derek switched to the other guy. Moving from one to the other. Derek moved his ass up some towards the guy on the right. The guy grabbed onto the shorts and pulled them down. Derek didn’t wear anything underneath.

“Perfect. And so smooth.” The man rubbed all over his ass, pressing a bit with his finger to go inside.

Mmmm. Derek moaned as the man pressed farther in.

“I think he likes it.” The man pushed another finger inside and moved them around. Derek’s eyes began to change to a dull golden color. Eating two for the price of one was all the more sweeter. The guy got impatient so he tried something a bit harder from behind. Derek could tell both were hot and ready, their energy throbbing. He was draining them dry as they fucked from both ends. As both men finished, Derek’s eyes grew bright gold and he went for it. Neither men realized what had happened till it was too late. Blood flowed down their necks.

Derek licked at the wounds for a bit, his eyes slowly turning a dull red as always. Satiated with his efforts, he left to go to Bills. He texted his mom he was going over to a friends, just to cover that base. He secretly hoped Bill had tomorrow off. Derek parked in front of Bill’s house and got out. He went up to the door.

Knock, knock, knock.

“Come in. It’s unlocked.” Bill called from inside. Derek opened the door and immediately was swept away with the smell of something delicious.

“What are you doing?” Derek asked as he entered the kitchen and stopped cold. Bill was at the stove with only an apron on. He could see red hair covering Bill’s beautiful ass. “I hope food isn’t the only thing on the menu tonight.” Derek licked his lips and went up behind Bill.

“Of course I’m also on the, oh! Menu.” Bill continued to cook as he felt something warm and wet between his cheeks. Bill was making parmesan chicken. He wasn’t sure if Derek liked it, but wanted to make something for him anyway.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

“It’s done. God, are you hungry or just want me?” Bill moaned but didn’t want Derek to stop.

Mmmm. “Some food would be nice. I’m actually famished.” Derek got up from behind Bill and hugged him. “Look at my man, cooking just for me.” Derek kissed Bill on the neck.

“Your man huh?” Bill asked, turning around. He smiled at Derek as he saw the panic light in Derek’s beautiful eyes. “I’m kidding. But I do need to take the chicken out or it will be really dry.” Bill broke away from Derek to open the stove.

“I guess I’ll get the table set.” Derek slapped Bill’s ass and moved to get the plates but didn’t know where to start.

“Top cupboard on the left. Close to the fridge.”

“Thanks.” Derek laughed and grabbed two. He set them down at the table, while Bill brought the rest. Derek watched as Bill put everything on the table and took off his apron. He whistled.

“Down boy. There will be plenty of time to play after we eat.” Bill started filling his plate.

“True. You better be ready to go all night.” Derek snickered and also began to fill his plate. “How was work?” He asked as he ate the chicken.

“Interesting. I was called into another scene. Another male killed, just like your neighbor actually. Throat slit, practically naked. But we did find something I think is a bit odd.” Bill looked at Derek but continued eating.

“What was that?” Derek said without looking up from his plate.

“A ring.”


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