Dark Souls 3

My friend bought me Dark Souls 3, probably to make me shut up, and I love it. Everything that was wrong with Dark Souls 2, they fixed, and added in some of Bloodborne as well. The graphics are phenomenal. I watched videos talking about Bloodborne and Dark Souls, and I like their idea that Bloodborne is in a stage where the apocalypse is happening right now, rather than Dark Souls which has the architecture of post-apocalypse. Some fights are a little ridiculous, but they are so much better than in Dark Souls 2. The fighting mechanic actually works. The hit boxes are actually there for your character as well. Do you have any idea what it’s like to actually be able to hit a boss and not be right on its ass? My favorite so far is with the Abyss Watchers. The battle is fluid, long, and enjoyable. I actually first tried the battle with my friend, and saved him, because he was reckless. That’s the difference I think. Dark Souls 3 has a bit of Bloodborne in it, in which the battles are fair, but if you are greedy, it will bite you. Dark Souls 2 on the other hand, was unfair from the moment you pressed the start button. I’m only to the Catacombs of Carthus, but I know this game has more beauty to show me. I may write another review, once I have beaten it, but until then. Buy this game. Play this game. Once I get the money I will buy the season pass. I can’t wait to see what else they have in store.

11 thoughts on “Dark Souls 3

  1. Gaming is so much fun. I have yet to beat Dark Souls or play Dark Souls 2 though I own the first 2. I’m still working on the 1st one, and I have yet to upgrade like society and get an HD tv or a system.

    Likely the next generation of gaming will have happened by then. I’ve been lost in writing as of late. Also, I am often busy playing Monster Hunter! Xp

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      1. Yeah, well I got them pretty cheap and DS2 (which appears to be the Meg of the games thus far) is still something I plan on playing through…well if I can ever beat the 1st one that is. Xp

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      2. I will heed your warning well. This is something I have heard.

        From Software has always been known for making brutal games!
        I should know, I’ve been playing their games since well before Demons or Dark Souls existed. Still the polish was not always there, like it is in the 1st DS. Sometimes their mechanics are off. Shame they seem to have been in the sequel.

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