Vvv vvv. Derek grabbed his phone and turned on the screen. “Where are you?” Came from his mom. A forearm crossed over his chest as he replied. “I need to go home soon.” Derek put his hand over Bill’s and squeazed.

“But we only just got started.” Bill said and rubbed Derek’s chest.

“I know, but my mom is wondering about me.”

“Why not just tell her you’re with a friend.” Bill moved onto his side facing Derek.

“That would work if my car wasn’t still at home.” He laughed and shifted to be right up next to Bill’s body. He could feel the heat and energy radiating off Bill. Derek rubbed his back and groped his ass before getting up and walking to the mirror.

“Come back soon.”

“Don’t you have work?” Derek snickered, touching the mirror’s surface to leave.

“Don’t remind me. Hey, my head doesn’t hurt today.” Bill said and moved the covers down a bit lower, hoping to entice Derek to come back for just a little more.

“That’s because I fed before coming back to you. Go do your job, I’ll be waiting.” Derek winked and left through Bill’s mirror. He was back in his room and got dressed. “Mom.” He called from his room.

“There you are, where have you been? I swear I checked your room and you weren’t in it.” Derek’s mom was downstairs, cleaning the living room.

“Sorry mom, I was out late last night walking around with some friends. I must’ve slept through your calls.” Derek said and hugged his mom.

“It’s fine, just let me know next time. What are you up to today?” His mom slightly hugged him back, then continued cleaning.

“I was kind of thinking of just having a lazy day, after everything that happened yesterday you know?” Derek left the living room and pulled out his phone to text Bill.

“Okay sweety, if you need anything, let me know.”

“I will mom, I might go for a walk.”

“Okay dear.”

Derek went up the stairs, back to his bedroom. “How’s work?” He sent to Bill. Derek walked to his window to look across to the Sampson house. He opened the curtain and his heart stopped. Through the yellow tape on the window across the way, he saw Bill.

Vvv vvv. Derek looked at his phone. “I don’t know, you tell me.” Bill waved. Derek waved back.

“Are you alone.” Derek replied. He lifted his shirt up over his head and threw it aside. His phone vibrated in his hand.

“I’m the only one casing this scene.” Bill texted back and Derek could see him undo his belt. Derek hooked his thumbs under the waistband of his gym shorts and slipped them down. His phone vibrated on his desk.

“You keep going. I’ll watch and work.” Bill said and slightly moved away from the window.

“Whatever you say. At least I’ll have fun.” Derek sent and put his phone down with the screen left on. He started feeling his body, working on himself while looking over to Bill. He could feel his hunger deepen. He thought of Bill and his prowess. He kept working on himself and moaned.

“Keep going babe. You’re so hot.” Bill continued searching the room, but couldn’t keep his eyes away from the window. There was something still missing from Mr. Sampson, his wedding ring, that he was hoping to find.

Derek looked at the phone and continued, but maybe putting a little bit more show into it. It’s been a while since Derek hasn’t worked on just himself. He could feel Bill’s want for him from twenty feets away. His energy exploded and watched as bill stared at him through the windows. He was drained and left the view.

“I hope you saved some for me.” Bill texted him.

“I always have time for you, text me later.” Derek closed his phone and passed out on the bed.

“You can count on me.” Bill sent and then continued looking. Psshhht. Officer Walsh, please come in officer Walsh. Pssshhht. “10-4, officer Walsh here, standing by.” Psshhhttt. 10-100, body found, you’re requested at the scene. Pssshhhtt. “10-4, leaving the Sampson’s place now.” Psshhhtt. 10-4, we’ll send you the address to your car. Psssshhhht. “10-4, on my way.” Bill left the crime scene to the next, he wonders why he was called to this other scene and leaves.


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