Helping Bill

Tink tink tink. Derek tapped the card on his desk. He looked at the back. “Like what you see? Text or call me. Winky face. (206)-777-2841.” This was scrawled quickly on the back of his card. Derek grabs his phone off the desk and creates a contact for this officer. “So I was wondering, do the carpets match the drapes?” Derek put in and sent. It’s just another hit, but his stomach was doing cartwheels.

Derek’s phone screen lit up. He opened the message. “I don’t know, why don’t you see for yourself with a winky face at the end.” A picture followed of Officer Walsh, red hair covered everything, from chest to stomach, to definitely the groin area, and more. Derek looked at the picture and knew he wanted more.

“Damn man, I wanted you since I laid eyes on you, but now I wish you had taken me in your cop car and gave me a hard pat down. Winky face.” He pushed send, and couldn’t believe what he just said. He knew that was cheesy, but hopefully Officer Bill will take the–” vvvv vvvv. Derek unlocked the screen and clicked on Bill’s message.

“This hard?” Then a picture of his dick. Praise modern technology and the fact that most men are some-what exhibitionist Derek thought.

“Where are you? I think I need some help.” Derek pressed send and looked up at his ceiling. He hoped he responded in the correct way, and not worried. vvvv vvvv.

“Come help me and then a winky face and an address.” There was also a picture and Derek found out just how hairy Bill was with his legs in the air.

“I’ll be right there.” Pressed send and moved off his chair. He went up to the full length mirror in his room and thought of Bill. Of all of Bill. He could see Bill in the mirror and walked through. He freaked for a second from Derek coming through his mirror. In his room. But calmed once Derek stared into his eyes. “I’m here now.”

“I-I see that.” Bill stammered.

“Shhh. Just let me take care of that.” Derek said as he crept onto the bed, in between Bill’s legs. He went down on Bill.

“Fuck man.” Bill moaned, grabbing onto Derek’s hair. Derek’s hands roamed all over Bill’s body, reading his body and absorbing his energy. As Bill guided Derek’s mouth, his other hand roamed across Derek’s back and grabbed his ass. He noticed the hand prints that were still red from Patrick. Mmm. “I think someone likes to be–” Smack.

Nnh! Derek moaned around working on Bill.

“Spanked.” Bill finished. He worked his hand across the fresh red marks he just made. He rubbed down the middle and found something with a little, resistance. Bill pressed his finger in and Derek came off Bill and moaned.

Derek looked into Bill’s eyes. “Fuck me.”

“You want it, come and get it.” Bill told Derek. Derek moved farther up on Bill’s body. He could feel the hairs on Bill’s body tickle his skin. Derek stared into Bill’s eyes as he shifted and moved slowly down again on bill and kissed him as he went. They worked in tandem, both working each other to go over the edge, but neither wanted it to end. Derek kissed Bill’s neck, then bit down. Bill cried out as a little bit of blood was drawn.

Stop! Something inside Derek screams inside his head. He looked down at Bill and he’s a bit pale but still riding the high from them together. Derek stopped moving and Bill, smiling, passed out. He’d never done that before. He felt almost completely satisfied, but couldn’t take him. He wanted Bill, but didn’t need him. Derek kissed Bill again and got off. He wanted more but knew what the cost was. He left through the mirror, still naked back to his room.

“Text me tomorrow.” He texted Bill. He hopes Bill won’t be angry but he’ll find out tomorrow. Derek went to his dresser and grabbed out his mesh tank top and the pair of cut off shorts he knew showed too much of his ass. He needed to feed, but it wasn’t going to be Bill.


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