The Daily Post

Clickvvvvvvvvvvvv. The world moved backwards in time around Clark. He looked at the stop-watch in his left hand. The hands spun around the face as buildings crumbled and grew and crumbled again. As the years passed, the watch ticked. Clark looked to the face to find the year he yearned for. 1874. London.

The watch grew still as the year came to be. The hands stopped at noon. Clark looked to where he stood. It was the same as when he began. He stepped out from the two foot bubble, and was immediately taken by the stench of the time. A man walked passed him, but didn’t even acknowledge his existence.

“Hey.” The man gave no response. No one did. Clark walked up to a woman and she walked away. Almost right through him. “Can anybody hear me?” He went up to everyone he could see. Nothing. Clark walked back to the circle he had left.


“I need to go back. I need to go back.” Clark looked at the stop-watch. The hands sped faster to the destination he needs. It stops. He watches a car drive by. He looks at the back of the watch.

“Through time, you can see.”

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