The Daily Post

“Please sir, may I have another?”


Unh! “Thank you sir.”

“I think you’ve had enough for today.”

“Are you sure? I have been a bit naughty lately.” Derek grinned at Patrick.

“How naughty have you been?” Patrick keeps Derek bent over his knee.

“Have you noticed you were missing this?” Derek produced Patrick’s wedding ring from his hand.

“You had this?” Patrick said calmly. Derek snickered.

“What did you tell your wife? That you were having it cleaned?” Derek laughed as Patrick grabbed the ring from Derek.

“I told her I took it off to take a shower the other day and the cat must’ve knocked it into the sink. I was going to check the trap today to see. But it was all you.” Patrick raised his hand.

“Yes it was. I needed something of yours for next time.” Smack. Unh! 

“But my wedding ring? Why?” Patrick spanked him again. By now Derek’s glutes were flaming red and hot to the touch.

Unh! “How else was I going to get your attention? All you do is look at her all day anymore.”

“You know why. Since your father left you and your mom, I may have stood in, but I am also married.” Patrick spanked him again.

Unh! “I know you look into my bedroom from your house. I can see you, you know? I just wanted some more attention.” Smack. Unh! “Thank you sir.” Derek squeezed Patrick’s leg with that one. Patrick lifted his arm holding Derek bent over.Derek pushed himself off Patrick and pulled his gym shorts up. Of course not wearing anything underneath just for him.

“You’ve seen me?”

“Why do you think I keep the curtains open, and a light on at night? I can see what you want.” Derek puts his hand on Patrick’s knee and glides it towards–

“Wait. I may agree to spanking you, but that…that’s a bit much.” Patrick put his hand on top of Derek’s, but didn’t necessarily move it away.

“Your mouth says one thing. But your eyes…” Derek moves his hand and cups Patrick’s manhood.

“Oh god.”

“But your eyes are pleading for a, manly touch.” Derek gropes Patrick through his trousers. His other hand is snaking around Patrick’s neck to go in for the kill.

Waiting in his room across the way, Derek could hear a faint scream. Delicious.


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